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  • 929-973 Johnson Pkwy St Paul, Minnesota - Dayton's Bluff
    Several (7-10) large potholes on Johnson Pkwy on both sides of the old RR bridge. One is over 3 feet wide and is a major hazard. A small car got stuck in it...
  • 332-362 Wall Street Saint Paul, Minnesota - Downtown
    As events are increasing in size and frequency in Lowertown, we're getting a lot of people that are interested in biking downtown for a variety of reasons. But they're also getting frustrated by the lack of convenient bike parking. Please consider installing some larger-scale bike racks over the summer, or at least open up more of the parking meters to allow the hitch-style racks.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1002-1032 North Lexington Parkway Saint Paul, Minnesota - North End
    "Pothole" is not quite descriptive enough. "Crater" is more like it. You can barely drive on Lexington through the Energy Park intersection.
  • Interstate 94 Saint Paul, MN 55104, USA - Merriam Park
    Panhandlers are a constant presence at Snelling and 94. Sometimes there are 5 people working the area. Is this the kind of city we want? What can be done?
  • 400 Summit Ave St Paul, MN 55102, USA - Downtown
    Horrible series of potholes west of the stop sign, especially deadly for cyclists--no way to avoid rolling through the craters without swerving into traffic.
  • Ayd Mill Rd S St Paul, MN - Merriam Park
    Stop sign in the middle nowhere. There should be a yield sign for the people making a "u" turn. At this time, all north bound traffic must stop 24/7 so that about 3 or 4 cars can make a u turn at about 7 or 8 O:clock in the morning only and only about 5 days a week
  • 318 Stevens St. W St Paul, MN - West Side
    I posted a complaint a view days ago about the weed taking over the park/sand and how the grapevines are totally out of control. Although I appreshiate the speedy attention my request got, the actually response has got to be a joke.
    I am posting pictures, there you can see the rediculous attempt at containing the weeds and the grapevines. Pretty much nothing has changed.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    White Bear Ave. Just North Of I-94 St. Paul, MN - Dayton's Bluff
    Many potholes, street damage
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Cleveland And Ford Parkway - Highland
    On southbound Cleveland, between Ford Parkway and the Cleveland/St Paul Ave split, major potholes covering one whole lane.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    697-719 Ruth Street North Saint Paul, MN 55119, USA - Battle Creek
    Large potholes north on Ruth street from the 4 way stop all the way to minnehaha.
  • White Bear Ave And Burns Saint Paul, Minnesota - Battle Creek
    honeycomb of potholes at bottom of hill also far right lane NB on white bear between burns and suburban
  • Huge potholes Acknowledged
    White Bear Ave And Old Hudson Rd saint paul, Minnesota - Battle Creek
    Several huge potholes at intersection of white bear ave and old hudson road and up whitebear ave heading north.