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  • Seminary Rd Ramp To 395n Alexandria, VA - Old Town
    The on ramp to 395 from Seminary Road traveling west is in bad need of repaving.
  • Slaters Ln Alexandria, VA - Northeast
    There are numerous, large pot holes in the center of westbound Slaters Lane. This creates a dangerous situation when drivers in vehicles taking a right turn onto Slaters Lane from the George Washington Memorial Parkway abruptly apply their brakes or swerve upon hitting the pot holes.
  • 4058 Uline Avenue Alexandria, VA - Seminary Hill

    My hand is in a brace and I can't shovel snow (I'm on disability as well for other health issues)


  • Eisenhower Ave New Ramp Alexandria, VA - Old Town
    The new exit ramp that takes drivers to Eisenhower Ave. from Telegraph Rd. and exits by the Holiday Inn Express, all three traffice lights are missing light bulbs, one can not tell if the lights are green, yellow or red. Why put up traffice lights that don't work in a busy cross road area?
  • Duke Street And W Taylor Run Parkway Alexandria, VA - Taylor Run
    The traffic signs are clear for those seeking to turn right on to W Taylor Run Parkway from Duke Street. But despite a clearly marked "no turn on red" sign in the right-turn lane on Duke Street, as well as an arrow traffic light in place to further drive the point home, motorists constantly turn right on to W Taylor Run Pkwy when it is forbidden. This could easily cause an accident, because of the frontage/access road that intersects with W Taylor Run Pkwy. Motorists aren't allowed to turn on red there precisely because the light is green at that time for those on the frontage road. It is unclear whether these violators are oblivious of the traffic signs, or if they simply don't have any incentive to wait for the green arrow. But it happens all the time. Perhaps some active enforcement is in order, as I have seen being carried out at the nearby intersection of Russell Road, King Street, and Callahan Drive (kudos to the City of Alexandria Police Department). Or, more passively, the multiple red-light cameras at the Duke Street-W Taylor Run Pkwy intersection could be activated and aimed at the right-turn lane.
  • dead tree Archived
    Va-7 1101-1149 Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    dead street tree
  • 1819-1899 Cameron St Alexandria, VA - Braddock Road Metro
    This heavily travelled section of sidewalk to the King Street metro has no trash cans -- not one -- from Buchanan Street (where there's a can) to Commonwealth Street (where the metro has a can inside the station). As a result, litter is always abundant on this section of Cameron Street. Adding a trash can (or two or three) to this section of sidewalk sure would help. To their credit, the sheriffs office sends a work detail of prisoners down from the jail on a regular basis every three weeks; however, the city should install some trash cans instead of (or in addition to) using prison labor to clean up this long stretch of sidewalk.
  • 3610 King St Alexandria, VA 22302, USA - Fairlington-Bradlee
    This is the driveway next to the main entrance exit with the traffic lights. People come in from the Marlee Way side and are going out after parking near the hair salon, RiteAid. The driveway area into the service road is a mess and has been for a long time (all of Rte. 7 could have little red tags), but recently the damaged area has widened and got deeper. Somebody please fix it!
  • 1021-1099 First St Alexandria, VA - Northeast
    The pedestrian crossing from 1st street over route one is NOT long enough for someone to cross the street and the light turns green immediately. Its VERY dangerous for pedestrians b/c you can't see the cars going north on route one over first street. Please extend the pedestrian crossing time by about 30-45 seconds.
  • 100-118 S Payne St Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    for some reason Alexandria removed two of the stop signs at Payne and Commerce. Please reinstall them.
  • Portner Pl And Portner Rd Alexandria, VA - Northeast
    The street sign at the corner of Portner Rd and Portner Pl snapped at the base and fell down during the derecho storm on 29 June. It is the only sign for Portner Pl so taxis and delivery personnel have no way of knowing what street is Portner Pl. It is still laying on the ground as evidenced in attached photo.
  • 5500-5504 Holmes Run Pkwy Alexandria, VA 22304, USA - Landmark-Van Dom
    Two lanes of Holmes Run Pkwy dead-end into N Van Dorn St. There are no signs posted that describe whether or not drivers from each lane may turn left or right, which causes near-accidents every morning as drivers from the left lane attempt to turn right alongside drivers from the right lane who are oblivious.