Alexandria city

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  • 405 Princess St Alexandria, VA, 22314, USA - Old Town
    The street light in front of 405 Princess St. is always ON.
  • 1299 1599 N Howard St Alexandria, VA - Seminary Hill
    This traffic signal has been out for most of the week. It makes it hard for visitors and workers to cross safely to the hospital from the parking lot.
  • Eyesore Archived
    1008 Pendleton St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Braddock Road Metro
    Has not been cut this overgrown trash-strewn eyesore
  • Jefferson Davis Hwy Alexandria, VA - Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens
    Several (a half-dozen?) lights on the Rt. 1 bridge over the railroad tracks as you enter old town are out.
  • Clermont Ave Alexandria, VA - Landmark-Van Dom
    Pedestrian crosswalk button on NE side of intersection looks to be missing. There is a hole where the button should be. This intersection is a key intersection for commuting bicyclist using the Eisenhower Connector.
  • tree down Archived
    Quaker And Fern 22302 - Fairlington-Bradlee
    tree n Quaker between fern and center plaza. protudes into street
  • tree down Archived
    4500-4676 State Highway 7 Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Alexandria city
    tree down, blocks sidewalk and protruded into street. beauregard nb between king and braddock
  • Braddock Rd near Braddock Metro , Alexandria, Virginia - Braddock Road Metro

    I was wondering if Alexandria had any plans to make the Braddock Rd bike/pedestrian crossings near Braddock Rd Metro Station safer for users?

    I use these crossings regularly and frequently see cars ignoring pedestrians as they attempt to cross to and from the metro. The current set up does not seem at all safe. Are there any traffic calming options or stop signals that can be implemented at this busy pedestrian crossing?

  • Diagonal Road Alexandria, VA - King St Metro
    At the top of the King Street metro parking lot (where a pedestrian died last month) both street lights at the exit to Diagonal Road are out. And have been for weeks. It makes walking on the uneven brick sidewalk dangerous. One light is in the parking lot, one is on Diagonal Road, directly across from the Old Town Transit Shop. I don't know if this is a city or a metro issue, but it's dark, and I'd like some light there.
  • 4480 King St Alexandria, VA - Alexandria Wrest
    This is directly opposite the Alexandria Health Dept. I drive this road every morning. The pothole cluster in this block is getting much more serious, one hole particularly large was impeding traffic this morning as cars and trucks steered around it into the right lane. All of the potholes between Park Center Drive and Beauregard need to be patched, this is the worst one, needs to be done ASAP.
  • 5325 Essex Ct Alexandria, VA - Alexandria Wrest
    Graffiti and playground destruction
  • 900 W. Glebe Road Alexandria, VA - Potomac West
    the stretch of road between 700-900 has been torn up for over two years. Recent winter weather and construction has made it worse.