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  • 148-198 South Henry Street Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Old Town
    I assume it is not a power line so it must be a communication cable. It's been down for two weeks now.
  • Fallen tree Archived
    Mount Vernon Trail Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Old Town North
    This small tree appears to have been felled by the recent winds. Not much visible root structure underneath to hold it down. Waterfront park, just south of the power plant's coal yard.
  • 102-166 Pendleton Street Alexandria, VA - Old Town
    Dark brown couch that someone has decided looks better on the sidewalk and would allow folks a well needed rest or nap space.
  • 4604 Raleigh Ave. alexandria, va - Seminary Hill
    please remove snow from my car and shovel snow between car and already cleared parking lot.
    Black Altima tag begins with VHW
  • Fallen tree Archived
    Mount Vernon Trail Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Old Town North
    Waterfront park, just south of the power plant. This is the second time I've seen this tree on its side on a windy day.
  • Shirlington/395 Circle Arlington , VA - North Ridge-Rosemont
    The police never monitor this circle and the cars going North on Quaker Lane to merge into the circle to get on 395N constantly do not yield. They get really aggressive sometimes by honking and almost causing accidents.
  • Menokin And King St Alexandria, Virginia - Seminary Hill
    Having two stop lights there can be confusing. 80% of the time someone runs red light while I am trying to cross. 95% of the time cars turning from 3 different directions will not stop for pedestrians. Cars still turning even though says no turn on red.
  • 101-115 South Henry Street Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Old Town
    Some tree pruning trunk dropped this limb on the sidewalk and no one has removed it for a week now.
  • 515 South Van Dorn Street Alexandria, Virginia - Landmark-Van Dom
    Without notice, WMATA decided to no longer allow hotel, commercial and residential shuttle buses to pick up or drop off Metro users from the Van Dorn Metro parking lot. These shuttle buses have been making pickups from this lot for more than a decade. To suddenly ban access to the buses, without notice, left 100s of metro riders, some blind or handicapped, struggling to figure out where there bus was or what to do. The shuttle buses were forced to park on busy Eishenhower Ave to pick up their passengers causing a traffic jam at rush hour and a real safety hazard. If there is a problem with the buses, why not work with the users to solve it? Why not hand out notices in advance to alert people of the change? The way this was handled is typical of WMATAs poor management and their complete disregard for Metro users.
  • Brakelights Archived
    3001-3113 Jefferson Davis Highway Alexandria, VA 22305, USA - Potomac Yard-Potomac Greens
    No sign of brake lights while driving or stopping
  • Snowed in Archived
    502 Bashford Lane Alexandria , VA - Old Town North
    Could use some help getting unburied =)
  • 508 North Royald Street Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    The two man hole covers marked "Communication" are up and cause tripping hazards for elderly, young children and those who aren't aware this hazard exists. There are two and both have this issue.