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  • 425 North Pitt Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    The bricks on the edge of the tree well are unsecured and prone to tipping or popping out of place.
  • street lights Archived
    4443 Raleigh Ave Alexandria, VA - Seminary Hill
    multiple street lights out
  • 2001 2099 Ballenger Ave Alexandria, VA - Eisenhower East
    There is a stop sign for those traveling west on Ballenger that is completely covered by a tree branch. I've almost gotten hit three times, and have been angrily honked at by people who don't stop there and don't think they have to. Please cut the tree branch off!!
  • Clermont Ave Alexandria, VA - Landmark-Van Dom
    Pedestrian crosswalk button on NE side of intersection looks to be missing. There is a hole where the button should be. This intersection is a key intersection for commuting bicyclist using the Eisenhower Connector.
  • Eyesore Acknowledged
    1001 Pendleton St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Braddock Road Metro
    Pendleton street between Patrick and Henry is an overgrown, trash-strewn eyesore that needs attention!
  • 3901 Potomac Ave Alexandria, VA - Alexandria city
    Graffiti on rail road bridge visible from Potomac Ave.
  • W Braddock Rd And N Van Dorn St Alexandria, VA - Seminary Hill
    The light for pedestrian crossing never changes to green and there is no button to press.
  • 53 South Floyd Street Alexandria, VA 22304, USA - Seminary Hill
    Light turns on and off inconsistently during the dark
  • 2658-2674 Foundry Way Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Eisenhower Ave
    Need schedule for routine pick up.
  • tree down Archived
    Quaker And Fern 22302 - Fairlington-Bradlee
    tree n Quaker between fern and center plaza. protudes into street
  • 408 Pendleton Street Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    The sidewalk bricks that border this utility box recessed in the sidewalk are caving in/sinking.
  • 4659-4799 Duke Street Alexandria, Virginia - Landmark-Van Dom
    There is a considerable trash and a thick layer of sludge under the overpass off Duke St to get to Ben Brenman Park (between Foxchase Shopping Center and the Duke Street Dog Park). Could the sludge be removed and could a trash can be placed on either side under the overpass?