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  • 408 Pendleton Street Alexandria, Virginia - Old Town
    The sidewalk bricks that border this utility box recessed in the sidewalk are caving in/sinking.
  • Jim Judy Archived
    862 Carrier Drive Strasburg, VA - Old Town

    Elderly man after snow needs long steep driveway shoveled, and car shoveled out, and mailbox access made.


  • 2099 Duke St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Alexandria city
    The light behind the walk signal to cross Callahan going Eastbound on Duke is burnt out.
  • St Asaph And King St Alexandria VA - Old Town
  • 901 N. Royal St. Alexandria, VA - Old Town North
    The field between the playground and the fenced dog run is regularly being used as an off-leash dog park. This is RIGHT NEXT TO a fenced dog run so I'm not sure why people can't keep their dogs inside the run. Kids can't play in the field when dogs are running off-leash there, and my daughter frequently steps in dog poo left in the field. There should be some signs reminding dog owners that the field is not an off-leash park, and some occasional enforcement of the leash laws.
  • 200 N Pickett St Alexandria, VA 22304, USA - Landmark-Van Dom
    CO914 Poles: CO67 & CO79
  • 148-198 South Henry Street Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Old Town
    I assume it is not a power line so it must be a communication cable. It's been down for two weeks now.
  • 4676 W Braddock Rd Alexandria, VA 22311, USA - Alexandria Wrest
    Following a water main break a few weeks ago, the northbound side of W. Braddock was repaired. The road is uneven with several bumps and dips and cracked pavement. Would be nice to see the road restored to its original state.
  • Crosswalk Archived
    2505 Mount Vernon Ave Alexandria, VA 22301 - Potomac West
    crosswalk busted up
  • 715 S Washington St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Southwest Wuadrant
    Doesn't know which way is up
  • Capital Beltway Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Eisenhower East
    On the newly constructed ramp leading from I-495 Westbound onto Telegraph Road North, the exit splits, to the right is a neighborhood street. To the left is Telegraph. The sign for the split indicating this is a small, temporary one that is at the split. Please place it farther back. I know it is temporary as it is built on 2x4's but it has been there for weeks.
  • 724 N Washington St Alexandria, VA, 22314, USA - Braddock Road Metro
    The 700 block of Noth Washington is too dark and the street light in-between 724 and 718 is out. We have clients walking to and from our Business at night and don't feel safe with as dark as it is.