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  • 3305 Old Dominion Blvd Alexandria, Virginia - North Ridge-Rosemont
    A few SUVs have been parking completely in the bike lane northbound on Old Dominion Blvd, blocking the bike lane, making the busy road unsafe for cyclists, walkers and children. This is a consistent, ongoing problem, not something that has happened once or twice.
  • 266-310 South Van Dorn Street Alexandria, Virginia - Landmark-Van Dom
    The Duke Street west of Landmark Mall is in very poor condition. One lane heading east is milled so badly that it's like driving on cobblestones. This stretch needs re-paving very badly.
  • 5928-5958 Stevenson Ave Alexandria, VA 22304, USA - Landmark-Van Dom
    If the are not many cars exiting out of the van dorn plaza mall, the lights go up to 3 cycles without changing in favor of the people exiting the mall. The light always changes for people exiting from BJ's.
  • 1022 N Henry St Alexandria, VA 22314, USA - Braddock Road Metro
    Get it cleared and fixed
  • 627 North West Street Alexandria, VA - Braddock Road Metro
    The intersection of Braddock Road and North West Street floods during heavy rains. Alexandria City commissioned a study but has done nothing else about it in over 11 years. On top of that, the police rarely respond to calls to close the intersection.
  • 3000 Block Bashford Lane RICHMOND, VA - Old Town North
  • 47 S Early St Alexandria, VA 22304, USA - Seminary Hill
    Makes the park very dark at night/before dawn
  • 214 East Glendale Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301, USA - Potomac West
    Street light at 215 E Glendale Ave is out.
  • 306 Princeton Boulevard Alexandria, Virginia - Taylor Run
    Possibly a leaking water main? Please repair.