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  • 3526 King Street Alexandria, VA - Fairlington-Bradlee
    During the morning rush, the timing of the traffic light combination on north bound Quaker Lane when you cross W Braddock Road and King Street changed a few weeks to a month ago. I believe both the lights are now on less time letting north bound Quaker Lane traffic through. I know for sure the light when crossing King St. (especially the left turn light from Quaker to King West) is on less time. This is causing north bound Quaker to back up significantly each weekday morning. Just in the last couple of weeks, the signal cycle is taking 4-8 times, when before it was 1-3. All that is needed is to reset the timing of the lights (maybe just the King Street light is needed).
  • 3610 King St Alexandria, VA 22302, USA - Fairlington-Bradlee
    This is the driveway next to the main entrance exit with the traffic lights. People come in from the Marlee Way side and are going out after parking near the hair salon, RiteAid. The driveway area into the service road is a mess and has been for a long time (all of Rte. 7 could have little red tags), but recently the damaged area has widened and got deeper. Somebody please fix it!
  • 1021-1099 First St Alexandria, VA - Northeast
    The pedestrian crossing from 1st street over route one is NOT long enough for someone to cross the street and the light turns green immediately. Its VERY dangerous for pedestrians b/c you can't see the cars going north on route one over first street. Please extend the pedestrian crossing time by about 30-45 seconds.
  • 1819-1899 Cameron St Alexandria, VA - Braddock Road Metro
    This heavily travelled section of sidewalk to the King Street metro has no trash cans -- not one -- from Buchanan Street (where there's a can) to Commonwealth Street (where the metro has a can inside the station). As a result, litter is always abundant on this section of Cameron Street. Adding a trash can (or two or three) to this section of sidewalk sure would help. To their credit, the sheriffs office sends a work detail of prisoners down from the jail on a regular basis every three weeks; however, the city should install some trash cans instead of (or in addition to) using prison labor to clean up this long stretch of sidewalk.
  • 5500-5504 Holmes Run Pkwy Alexandria, VA 22304, USA - Landmark-Van Dom
    Two lanes of Holmes Run Pkwy dead-end into N Van Dorn St. There are no signs posted that describe whether or not drivers from each lane may turn left or right, which causes near-accidents every morning as drivers from the left lane attempt to turn right alongside drivers from the right lane who are oblivious.
  • 5300 Echols alexandria, va - Alexandria Wrest
    for a long time
  • Portner Pl And Portner Rd Alexandria, VA - Northeast
    The street sign at the corner of Portner Rd and Portner Pl snapped at the base and fell down during the derecho storm on 29 June. It is the only sign for Portner Pl so taxis and delivery personnel have no way of knowing what street is Portner Pl. It is still laying on the ground as evidenced in attached photo.
  • 405 Princess St Alexandria, VA, 22314, USA - Old Town
    The street light in front of 405 Princess St. is always ON.
  • 4480 King St Alexandria, VA - Alexandria Wrest
    This is directly opposite the Alexandria Health Dept. I drive this road every morning. The pothole cluster in this block is getting much more serious, one hole particularly large was impeding traffic this morning as cars and trucks steered around it into the right lane. All of the potholes between Park Center Drive and Beauregard need to be patched, this is the worst one, needs to be done ASAP.
  • tree down Archived
    Quaker And Fern 22302 - Fairlington-Bradlee
    tree n Quaker between fern and center plaza. protudes into street
  • tree down Archived
    4500-4676 State Highway 7 Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Alexandria city
    tree down, blocks sidewalk and protruded into street. beauregard nb between king and braddock
  • Braddock Rd near Braddock Metro , Alexandria, Virginia - Braddock Road Metro

    I was wondering if Alexandria had any plans to make the Braddock Rd bike/pedestrian crossings near Braddock Rd Metro Station safer for users?

    I use these crossings regularly and frequently see cars ignoring pedestrians as they attempt to cross to and from the metro. The current set up does not seem at all safe. Are there any traffic calming options or stop signals that can be implemented at this busy pedestrian crossing?