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  • 2200 Newton Street Ne Washington D.C., DC - Catholic University-Brookland

    The intersection of Newton and South Dakota Ave NE is dangerous. Newton Street traffic is guided by two stop signs, augmented by a confusing sign reading, “Westbound South Dakota Ave traffic does not stop.” Eastbound traffic on South Dakota is guided by a traffic light that alternates between flashing yellow and red. And Westbound traffic faces a light that is perpetually green.

    The problems with this set up are numerous. First, drivers new to the area may not understand the warning below the stop sign; seeing the cross traffic light turn red, they pull into the intersection, only to be struck by westbound traffic. Second, vehicles turning south off of South Dakota wait for the light to turn red, not realizing that the west signal will never turn, and they are unable to see when the east-bound traffic is stopped by a red light, leaving the driver to guess when it is safe to turn. All of this confusion - added to the frequent speeding on South Dakota, means frequent accidents and daily near-misses.

    Most of all, this is an easy fix - install a regular traffic light, where all lights rotate through red, yellow, and green - No ambiguous warning signs, no flashing lights.

    Please fix this intersection before someone is seriously hurt.

  • Eastern Avenue Ne & Rhode Island Avenue Ne Washington, DC - Mount Rainier
    Entire Intersection FILLED with Potholes. No matter if you are heading North, South, East or West at this intersection there are potholes everywhere. The main offenders are in both of the Southbound Lanes on Easter Avenue starting about 100 FT from the intersection, and the entire intersection is riddled with them. Please fill these potholes. They have been here for years and my suspension has suffered enough already.
  • U.S. 1 Washington, DC 20018, USA - Eckington

    There is a pedestrian bridge from the Metro station (S of RI Ave) to the N of RI ave, E of the rail tracks.

    Instead of walking down the bridge, under the (unsafe, poorly lit, tiny sidewalked) rail bridge, over a block and up a big hill (also with tiny sidewalks), HUNDREDS of people per day jump over the side of the pedestrian bridge, up a hill, around the rail fence, onto a LEDGE (12 inches and 40 feet above the ground?!!!), cross the tracks and go to the shopping center.

    If it hasn't already, someone is going to get hurt or killed, and I can bet it will be a kid or teenager.

    When hundreds of people per day are risking their lives to save 10 minutes and avoid a creepy area, something needs to be done NOW! I heard there is some long-term plan, but please do it now!

  • 2000 Rhode Island Ave. Ne Washington, District of Columbia - Brookland
    20th Street NE and 22nd Street NE are both too narrow to support two-way traffic. We have witnessed numerous near-accidents as drivers turn onto these streets from Rhode Island Ave., nearly hitting cars who are pointed southbound about to turn onto Rhode Island. This is because cars park on both sides of the streets, and the streets allow for two-way traffic, essentially cramping 4 lanes into a space barely big enough for 3. It seems like a simple solution would be EITHER to make 20th St. NE a one-way going north, and 22nd St. a one-way going south (or vice versa), OR to eliminate parking on one side of the streets. That area has plenty of street parking as it is. As a Brookland resident, I think this problem should be fixed ASAP to help reduce injuries and accidents in this area.
  • 3200-3212 7th St Ne Washington, DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    Traffic calming device to be placed on the west side of the 3200 block of 7th street NE and on the east side of the 3200 block of 7th street NE. cars and metro bus always speeding north bound and south bound on 7th street NE Between Franklin street NE and Monroe Street NE. Car rarely come to a full stop and speed through the stop signs. Metro police on occasion will be parked on the corner of 7th and Jackson street NE in the early AM to monitor traffic. Request for speed bumps be installed to slow down the traffic to the posted speed lot of 25 MPH.
  • 2251 13th Street Northeast Washington, DC 20018, USA - Brentwood
    It is Friday night, midnight, on the residential block of 13th street NE. The smell of rotten garbage hangs heavy over the neighborhood. Not surprising. FACTS:THIS IS HOME TO PEOPLE THAT PAY THE CITY TAXES. This neighborhood is home to elderly residents, without a/c. Children live here. Monster size flies and rats live here because of the garbage brought here from around the city. Folks in the neighborhood have been pleading for years, the plight. Is anyone listening?
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    540-544 Rhode Island Ave Ne Washington, District of Columbia - Eckington
    Sidewalk section on N side of Rhode Island Ave NE at shopping center driveway (between enter and exit lanes) is missing. I saw a woman with a double stroller struggle here today.
  • 4200 13th Pl Ne Washington, DC - Catholic University-Brookland
    A 1998 Buick DC tags BR-0731 has been abandoned in front of our house since January 15, 2010. We called the mayor's hot line. They said someone would come and ticket the car; then we could call again and it would be towed away. 2 or 3 weeks later, we called again and they said an officer looked at the car and said because it had valid tag/ registration, it was legal to park there. (Tag sticker on windshield exp. 11/11/10; emissions sticker exp. 12/5/10). The car is still there. It is not "parked." It is abandoned. We don't have access to a data base to find and contact the owner. We and our neighbors just want it gone. Please help!
  • 701 Edgewood St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Edgewood
    Vehicle is abandoned at end of alley that lets out onto Edgewood. It appears the vehicle is on private land, but it is not, it is the end of the public alley.
  • 2600 Blk 10th St Ne (Rear) Washington, DC - Brookland
    The alley between the 2600 block of Reed St NE and the 2600 block of 10th St NE has become a dumping ground for anything people don't care to dispose of properly, particularly around the rear entrance to the warehouse that belongs to an auto shop that faces Reed St. Items dumped in this area have included bicycle tires, furniture, fluorescent light tubes, empty beer bottles/cans, a segment of a brick column, and even an oversized tree trunk.
  • 2251 13th Street Northeast Washington, DC 20018, USA - Brentwood
    Once again the stench of rancid household garbage blankets the Brentwood neighborhood from the Brentwood trash transfer station. To leave your home is akin to being punched between the eyes.
  • 12th Street Ne Between Otis And Perry Washington D.C., DC - Brookland
    Why are there parking meters here? Now i can't park within 3 blocks of my house, in Brookland, where street parking was plenty. Instead out of state people park in zone 5 parking and now i have to park far away. they even meter on weekends. why? the only business on that block has their own parking lot.