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  • pothole Archived
    Georgia Avenue & Wendy Lane Aspen Hill, Maryland - Aspen Hill
    In the roadway even after patching there are still potholes forming at Georgia Ave. & Wendy Lane. The patchwork in the roadway has not worked as the potholes continue to form making driving conditions dangerous as vehicles are now having to slow down in order to navigate thru the potholes. The potholes need to be filled in and patched very well. Thanks!
  • pothole Open
    Arctic Avenue Aspen Hill Road Aspen Hill, Maryland - Aspen Hill
    There is a pretty good size pothole forming on Aspen Hill Road right before the traffic light at Arctic Avenue. This is in the lane going in the direction towards Veirs Mill Road. Thanks!
  • 14006 Parkvale Rd Rockville, Maryland - Aspen Hill
    The snow has just started but I will need assistance with shoveling after it reaches 3-5". Please shovel my driveway, around the car & path to front door & the front porch. My street is Parkvale Rd. but at the top of our street it changes to Manorvale & the addresses repeat, please be sure it is Parkvale. Thank you . My email is
  • 14006 Parkvale Road Rockville, Maryland - Aspen Hill
    Elderly needs driveway, walkway to house & front porch shoveled on Saturday 1/23/2016. Also clean off the car in driveway. At the top of Parkvale Rd. it turns into Manorvale & the addresses start to repeat, please be sure on Parkvale Rd. E-mail Thank you
  • 14006 Parkvale Rd. Rockville/Montgomery County, Maryland - Aspen Hill
    Elderly need small driveway, walkway to house & front porch shoveled Saturday / Sunday 1/23 & 1/24. Also sweep snow off of the car that is in the driveway. Yellow house with black shutters
  • 13901 Vista Drive Rockville, Maryland - Aspen Hill

    Please shovel my walkway and driveway. This is a request for my neighbor at the above address.

  • Driveway Archived
    4917 Morning Glory Court Rockville, Maryland - Aspen Hill
    Please shovel my driveway. I am 82 years old with a heart condition.
  • 4201 Flower Valley Drive Rockville, MD - Aspen Hill
    I am a senior citizen who is medically unable to shovel my driveway. If anyone would be will to help out I would be very greatful.
  • 4201 Flower Valley Dr. Rockville , Maryland - Aspen Hill
    Looking for anyone to volunteer help out senior citizens to shovel their driveway. They are medically unable to do it themselves. Any help would be greatly appreciated. They do own a snow blower that can be used to do the job.
  • 14220 Burning Bush Lane Silver Spring, Maryland - Aspen Hill
    Please shovel sidewalk located in front of garage on Beaverwood Lane (we are elderly, husband is DAV). Gratefully,
  • 3142 Hewitt Ave Silver Spring, MD - Aspen Hill
    Assistance shoveling out the car
  • 13806 Bonsal Street Silver Spring, Maryland - Aspen Hill
    80 and 85 year old couple snowed in. They can't get out their front door or garage, and cannot shovel themselves.