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  • 1295 Church St Largo, FL, 33778, USA - Ridgecrest
    Building structures around the house and around the back of the house looks very uneven square and definitely not to code. It is a terrible eyesore for my backyard
  • 2253 119th St N Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Light at 119th and Walsingham timed very slow out of proportion to traffic. Enormous waits for turn signals.
  • 11721 128th Ave Largo, FL, 33778, USA - Ridgecrest
    Deteriorating home and unruly trees.
  • 13134 119th St Largo, FL, 33778, USA - Greater Ridgecrest CRA
    Inoperable vehicles, have been there for a very long time, along with accumulation of junk.
  • 129th Terrace North Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Large & small trailer parked in front yard. Large trailer has been parked >1month & small trailer is for emergency response dive team trailer that is now being parked in front of yard & has been for weeks.
  • 13216 119th St Largo, FL, 33778, USA - Greater Ridgecrest CRA
    We desperately need a crosswalk at 119th St. & 132 Ave N. There are at least 10 elementary children who have to cross 119th to catch their bus in the A.M. & return in the P.M. 119th is very busy during these times & few drivers follow the 30 mph speed limit. A crosswalk & pedestrian sign may help keep these kids safer. Thank you for your consideration.
  • 13302 Oak St Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Ridgecrest
  • 129th Terrace N Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Inoperable brown van in front yard for months. Van has not moved & owner mows around vehicle but tires are embedded into the dirt/lawn. Backyard is overgrown & can be seen by broken fence pieces.
  • 11785 Ulmerton Rd Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Over a year like this
  • 1510 Crosby Street Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Neighbors complaining about the overgrown grass and unfinished home.
  • 13155 128th St N Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Ridgecrest
    This place is a junk yard. Ruining property values.
  • Pothole Archived
    2325 119th Street North Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    A large pothole has been there for a long time in the southbound lane. It is especially dangerous for the elderly people driving, walking, and biking to go the the Neighborly Services building, as well as the youth.