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  • Environmental Archived
    11720 130th Ave largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    There is illegal dumping occurring at the end of 130th Ave where the PC Trail meets 130th Ave. The entire sidewalk is blocked. The dumping includes landscaping waste, such as tree branches, bagged leaves, palm fronds, etc. It looks like someone drove up and unloaded a dump truck. It only costs $10 to go to the landfill! Absolute laziness and very unprofessional. Please clean it up so we can access the trail again. Thank you.
  • Goodsn Crossing And Railroad Dr Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Broken/ missing street sign for intersection of Gooden Crossing and Railroad dr
  • Road Issue Archived
    Gooden Crossing Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Dumping and garbage in residential front yard
  • 1397 Crosby St Clearwater, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Illegal activity, late night loitering, unoperabke car in yard, trash piled up in yard, suspicious persons driving by/to home
  • 2172 119th Street LARGO, Florida - Ridgecrest
  • 119 And Ulmerton Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Light doesn't change in a timely manner to cross ulmerton, or turn onto ulmerton. Walk sign changes with traffic on ulmerton and will reset before light changes without pedestrians.
  • 129th Terrace N Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    There is a sink hole developing under sidewalk on the streets of 130th st and 129th Terr. Largo FL 33774
  • 11871 134th Ave N Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
  • 11684 Kerry Ct Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Grass is rarely cut
  • 12717 133rd Ave N Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Ridgecrest
    Inoperable vehicles at 12717 133rd Ave in fence, out front on ROW and Commercial vehicles in residential area and inoperable vehicles on county owned property.
  • 12508 134th Ave N Largo, FL, 33774, USA - Ridgecrest
    There is a small pipe without a cap in the front yard near the road. Concerned this may be a safety hazard. Should a cap be on it? Would like County staff to check on and call back regarding this.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    11691 128th Ave Largo, FL, 33778, USA - Ridgecrest
    Overgrown tree creating sidewalk and street light issue.