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  • 11806 126th Ter N Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    This property has a lot of trash around it. The property has bad roof and pealing paint at the property. the property is bad for the neighborhood and could cause my property valve to drop.
  • 1796 Taylor Lake Pl Seminole, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Trash all over
  • 11803 Ulmerton Road Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Overgrown Lot is a safety concern for PSTA bus riders and pedestrians in this vicinity. Riders fear this could be a hiding spot for perpetrators
  • 11686-11696 126th Terrace North Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    The half of the neighborhood has really high grass. Some over 4ft tall.
  • 11696 Kerry Ct Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    All over yard there is debris from household to work tools. Looks extremely unclean. Front window has a cardboard box covering it. Tall grass.
  • 13613 120th St largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    home has garbage piled up in yard and dead opossum next to mail box
  • 2175-2199 24th St Sw Largo, FL - Ridgecrest
    pothole on southbound side of street right at curve in road.
  • Other Archived
    13280 119th Street North Largo, FL 33778, USA - Greater Ridgecrest CRA
    Large plywood sign on southwest corner blocking view of oncoming SR 688 eastbound traffic for northbound 119th St. Also curve limits view as it is! Thanks
  • 11890 Ulmerton Road Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    I travel to work 6 days a week and leave my home on 146th lane anywhere between 3a-4:30a. The traffic light at 119th and Ulmerton is the issue. The light is always red for Ulmerton drivers and green to the 119th street. Every other light is green to Ulmerton unless a car pulls up from the cross road. It just doesn't make sense that this light favors the residential area of 119th st VS the main street Ulmerton.
  • 130th Ave Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    There are couches, trash, and overgrown bushes/grasses along the sidewalk that leads to the Pinellas Trail from the neighborhood. People are also dumping illegally into the overgrowth.
  • 13589 120th Largo, Florida - Ridgecrest
    Complaint received from Friends at Ridgecrest about massive amount of scrap items stored in the back yard, there is no fence so it is visible. Also, tenant keeps large truck in yard.
  • Flooding Archived
    1901 119th St Largo, Florida - Greater Ridgecrest CRA
    Rec'd complaint from resident about excessive flooding on 119th Street (east side) between Oak Village Drive and Taylor Lake Circle during heavy rain.