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  • Independence Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    A pedestrian bridge over I-264 along Independence Blvd. is years overdue. Pedestrians and bicyclists do not have safe or practical passage along Independence Blvd. under I-264.
    Consider the following:
    Pedestrian traffic is prohibited under I-264 along the north bound lanes of Independence Blvd from South Blvd to Bonney Road and it is unsafe for bicycle traffic.
    Pedestrian and bicycle traffic is not advisable under I-264 along the south bound lanes of Independence Blvd from Euclid Road to Baxter Road. The way through is flooded with stagnant water and debris.
    There are no other practical and safe routes for pedestrians and bicycles to reach either side of I-264 along Independence Blvd.
    Having to wait for a HRT bus to travel less than a mile is time consuming.
    Pedestrians from hundreds of housing units off Baxter Road, Alicia Drive, and Wicklow Place and the general public need safe passage to the north side of I-264 to the Town Center vicinity and beyond.
    Pedestrians from the Town Center vicinity need safe passage to the south side of I-264 and beyond.
    Connect pedestrians from Town Center vicinity to Mount Trashmore.
    Pedestrians will need access to the proposed Light Rail station at Town Center.
  • Roadway Flooded Acknowledged
    512 24th Street Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    This happens every time it rains and last for days. Many complaints and request to storm water management have been ignored. The elevation of side gravel prevents runoff and needs to be regraded to allow runoff
  • 5049 Shell Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest

    Our Neighbor is building earth dams to block the flow of water in the city ditch in-front of her property. This is causing the rain water and street runoff to flood all of the surrounding houses.

    She is also using several sump pumps to pump her ditch dry, by push the muddy ditch water into our residential housing sewage. This is overworking the sewage system and will only cause grater issues down the road with all of the mud.

    We, the surrounding neighbors, have called the city hundreds of times on her, as she has been doing this for several years. Our ditches have several feet of standing water while hers is currently dry. We cannot walk outside due to all the mosquitoes that the standing water is breading. And our residential sewage seems to now be taking a toll from the years of abuse from mud being pushed into it.

    Can you please give us a contact number to someone who can assist us with this issue?

  • Roadway Flooded Acknowledged
    3881 Old Forge Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    My street and the street that intersects my street (S. Plaza Tr) floods extremely often throughout the year in a hard rain. It flooded during Hurricane Matthew it had 4-5 ft of water. After we moved back in to our home in January, it flooded again a little. The drains run slow. There are 3 - 4 storm drains in our intersection. I would like the City to come by and inspect the drains to see if there is a blockage and if there is, to please clean it out. Thank you!
  • Other Acknowledged
    Delaura Ln Va Bch - Northwest
    When turning off of DeLaura onto Baker road it is hard to see oncoming traffic. To the left is shrubbery that is over grown. To the right there is a tree starting to grow and if left uncared for will block the view. The house to the right has extended the privacy fence so it is very hard to see oncoming traffic.
  • 3544 Barry Street Virginia Beach, VA 23452, USA - Virginia Beach city
    Asphalt roads laid one layer of asphalt 2 weeks ago and have yet to come back and finish the roads in our neighborhood.
  • 4800-4808 Columbus Street Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    N. Witchduck across from Rosewood Cemetery funeral home previous large sink hole in north bound right lane. Very dangerous!
  • Pothole Archived
    198 Bay Dr Virginia Beach, VA, 23451, USA - Northeast
    I have requested many times to have Bay Drive/Pinewood repaved. Patches are no longer working. The entire stretch of road of Bay Drive connecting to Pinewood look like this. You have to drive on the other side of road to avoid much of this mess.
    This is a front end alignment and tire buster road.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    103 Pinewood Rd. Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    The road is sinking and created a vehicle damaging hole so big you have to drive around it or damage your vehicle.
  • Roadway Flooded Acknowledged
    4744 Thoroughgood Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    Our yards & the street have flooded since the Church Point drainage ditch & pond were put in. I've lived in this house 30 years. There was never flooding before. The ditch isn't adequate for all the Stormwater that runs into it. Their side was graded higher. So all their water runs into our yards & Thoroughgood Drive. Something needs to be done to correct this problem. These are the first two houses on the north side of Thoroughgood Drive at the Pleasure House Road entrance.
  • 5392 Dalrymple Street Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    Road is flooded again. And it is NOT due to "erosion and sediment controls" or whatever the city is claiming the issue is. It's been flooding here for decades before the stupid construction started and made it worse. When speaking to some people on site with the road crews this morning they are saying that no one knows why, themselves included. So to say it's "due to erosion and sediment controls" is an outright lie. I'll spare everyone a current pic and attach one from the street being flooded before the construction ever started.... You're right! Must be from those "sediment and erosion controls" that weren't even in place at the time.
  • 2701-2799 Sonic Dr Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    I would like to request this location be evaluated for adding a traffic signal of some sort. Turning onto London Bridge Road from Sonic Drive or Crusader Circle is very dangerous due to the high speeds and the slight curve on LB Road. It is very bad weekdays during the 4-6:30 pm timeframe and often causes backups on Sonic Drive. It is so dangerous that many people who work on Sonic Drive turn right on LB and go down to make a u-turn, even then it is not uncommon to be waiting for 3-5 minutes or more before you have enough time to u-turn safely. I would really appreciate if this could at least be evaluated.