Stonehurst, Oakland

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Stonehurst neighborhood in East Oakland

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  • 1336 105th Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    Has been here for a few days
  • 9831-9851 San Leandro Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Black plastic bags full of garbage stacked in the doorway
  • 9921-9949 Pippin Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Sunny is sad because there is garbage all over the neighborhood.
  • 912 105th Ave Oakland CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
  • 9913-9921 Pippin Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
  • 10500-10598 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    There is garbage everywhere. All kinds of garbage. Rotting food household trash burned debris and tons of other stuff. Watch the video and see for yourself. If I lived in the house next to where this garbage was I would be furious.
  • 9831-9851 San Leandro Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Tires and other debris filling up the doorway and planter box. It's been there more than a week - is this the new normal? I noticed in the paper that Waste Management, in compensation for changing the pricing on its composting scheme to make economic sense for restaurants, will now be even slower at picking up illegally dumped items on Oakland's streets. This is not an acceptable trade-off. If composting doesn't make sense, we shouldn't bother with it. But the streets of this city are a mess, with heaps of rotting debris piled high. Neglecting them even more so we can all feel "green" shows where the city government's misplaced priorities lie.
  • Sidewalk Acknowledged
    850-898 Prune St Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Sidewalk has a 2 inch lift and it's a real hazard and it's by the handicap Ramp
  • 10701-10799 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    This section of San Leandro street between Moorpark and 105 is another big problem. There seems to be nightly dumping in this area. There is trash all over the place blowing up and down the street. This is only one of the large piles of debris on this small section of San Leandro street. Please clean them up and don't make me post both piles. Clean up the whole street between Moorpark and 105th. Bring brooms and sweep up the smaller debris that is constantly left behind, like screws and other things that puncture car tires, when these piles are picked up.
  • 851-899 Prune St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    All sorts of garbage all over the street. Couches, TVs, mini blinds, clothing, and a whole lot more.
  • 851-899 Prune Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst

    Huge pile of debris all over the street and sidewalk. Couches, car seats, counters, TV, @#$% videos, garbage and construction debris. It looks like the entire contents of an apartment strewed in the roadway.

    I tried to report this as a crime to the non-emergency police dispatcher; all she would do is say she'd refer it to Public Works. But this is a crime that can easily be solved; the city has a video camera aimed right at the spot, so they should be able to see the truck in the act of dumping that stuff between the evening of the 7th, when it wasn't there, and the afternoon of the 8th, when it was. If they don't bother watching the tapes when a crime's committed, what's the good of installing all that equipment?

  • 880 Prune Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    A 'Sofa Tree' is growing up a utility pole, other sofas in abundance, debris everywhere, this delightful site has everything, plastic dolls, toxic chemicals, shopping carts. What could be better? I guess it is on a side street, and why would a City of Oakland Patrol notice this by being proactive. Oh, because there are no patrols, got it.