Stonehurst, Oakland

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Stonehurst neighborhood in East Oakland

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    10001-10099 E St Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Abandoned, burnt out car
  • 850-898 Stone St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    This pile has been here on Dead Dog Lane for a few days now if not a week. There a couch a mattress and bags of who knows what. Could be garbage, dead dogs, or human waste. I have seen all of those things dumped here. Please come clean this up. And while you are at it there are multiple small piles of debris up and down pearmain it's cross streets to clean up. Do I really have to spend my time reporting every single pile separately to get them all cleaned up. Seems to me the people picking up the garbage would be instructed to go to an area and pick up all piles. Not given a list and be told to only pick up the piles on the list which is what it seems is happening.
  • 851-899 Prune Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst

    We seem to be the dumping ground of Oakland, which in turn is the preferred destination for debris originating in neighboring cities that have different and more effective enforcement policies.

    Looking down Prune street, we can see some debris left from someone's marijuana-growing enterprise - mostly soil bags and trimmings. Take a right on Pippin, and you'll find paint cans and lawn debris, along with boxes from a lot of new tools (showing that whoever this is could afford to go to the dump, but preferred not to). And just down the block, another load of junk...

  • 9831-9851 San Leandro Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Wooden box full of plastic bags of garbage; it's been there over a week, right on San Leandro Street.
  • 10851-10899 Russet St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    Please help us keep this area clean.
  • 1343-1399 100th Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    The blue van has been at this same place for several weeks and it hasn't been moved. It has garbage under it and is just taking up space and looks terrible on the street. It's located on 100th ave and the corner of International Ave (near the Auto Zone).
  • 10400-10462 San Leandro St Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Once again there is garbage dumped here. I posted a pile of garbage here yesterday and only half of it was picked up. Now more garbage has been added. I think what the city needs to do is have an officer that works nights assigned to look for illegal dumpers and catch them in the act. The fact that I have been posting illegal dumping in this area for 2 years now is ridiculous. Please actually pick up all the garbage and don't leave things like tires and the oil drum like yesterday. If someone else needs to pick up the tires get them out here too.
  • Pothole Archived
    98th Ave. Near San Leandro St. Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    There is a small sinkhole in the asphalt, right before the train tracks, in the right lane, just east of San Leandro St. It seems to be getting deeper every day.
  • 9933-9999 E Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Illegal dumping on E Street between 98th and 105th
  • 10130-10198 Pippin St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    Trash left on the street taking up parking spots
  • 940-994 98th Avenue Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    There has been a steady ongoing leak on this block for weeks. It's very wasteful and with the drought, should be looked into and fixed immediately.
  • 825-899 100th Avenue Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    trailer full of trash on the side of my house.