Stonehurst, Oakland

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Stonehurst neighborhood in East Oakland

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  • 9954 E Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
  • 10850 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
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    850-898 Stone Street Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    Another dead dog dumped in the same place as the last dead dog a few months ago. The bucket that the last dog was sitting on top of is still there. Please clean up both. If you don't handle dead animals please forward this to the correct department so this gets handled. It is a health hazard. Bloating has already set in and soon it will begin to rot and stink.
  • 850-898 Prune Street Oakland, California - North Stonehurst

    A truckload of garbage was dumped on the street and
    sidewalk Sunday night, in full view of the camera mounted
    on the telephone pole at San Leandro and Prune. If these
    cameras aren't there to catch criminals, what exactly
    is their purpose - surveillance of the law-abiding?

    Note the now-burned boat in the background, that was
    reported here over a week ago. Fortunately the fire didn't spread to adjacent structures, but that's certainly not due
    to any action on the part of the authorities, who don't seem
    to care that the street and sidewalk are nearly impassable.

  • 10203 E. St. Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    garbage dumped along the industrial property between 101st Ave. and 105th Ave.
  • 10500-10698 Russet St Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    All these emergency phone numbers have been called and the police department nor the City of Oakland are doing anything to come out and move the illegal cars and homeless people that are stripping cars down day and night. Many little kids walk to school alone with many harmful people around as an elementary school is just one block away. Hard working people that own houses and pay taxes are left to figure out a solution for themselves as the city is not helping resolve these major issues. Many RVs parked here with harmful dark solutions coming out of them that are being dumped everywhere. Plenty of illegal dumping and stripped cars left all over the street. When street sweeping comes around, residents can not find parking and more than often are cited due to no parking. Please help out and actually do something or the kids that live in this area!!!!!!!!!
  • 10501-10599 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    Couch dumped on side of street. Piles of trash on other side of the street
  • 10850-10898 Russet Street Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    You name it, it's dumped here, mattresses, car parts, clothing, garbage, home demo trash, roofing material.
  • 10221 International Blvd Oakland CA 94603, USA - Iveywood
    Debris, blanket, etc., in City tree well at 10221 International Blvd.
  • 850-898 Stone St Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    Cars left in the road
  • 1050 104th Ave Oakland, CA 94603, USA - North Stonehurst
    Burned down abandoned Ford Expedition at 1053 104th Ave. Please come remove it. It's been here for the past three weeks.
  • San Leandro St Oakland 94603, United States - North Stonehurst
    Trash all along the street and train tracks. If the city is going to allow homeless encampments, they need to clean them regularly. This is a disgrace.