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A quick glance at where people are reporting snowfall and plowing issues in and around Morris County.

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  • 19 Green Lane And 4-6 Mark Lane Areas - Succasunna-Kenvil
    These Lanes are a ONE LANE road, which is perfect for all the residents and folks don't want this to change. However, it's not safe to walk in specific areas on these two roads as cars have limited visibility to simple overgrowth of brush that has has grown horizontally into the roads and needs trimmed back with a tool that reaches higher than a grass cutter. 5/23/12 we had 2 near misses of getting run over by vehicles while we were on foot. We had to JUMP in the bushes as the car did not see us till the last minute. One on Mark, and one on Green. Mark Lane has shrubs hanging out to hit any of the SUVs traveling through along with Green Lane. Narrow roads and branches hang out into the roads, making it impossible to drive to the side or see around them when they are wet and hanging in the roadways. The sharp bend on Mark Lane and after, drivers do not have any visibility or safe viewing area around the sharp bend or after due to the road visibility being hidden from the over growth. Motorists cannot drive to the side to pass another vehicle due to branches and leaves sticking out into the roadway from about shouler high. Therefore, bottom cutters most likely cannot remove these. They must come in and physically trim this. One is required to drive in the middle of the road to avoid hitting the branches. Branches are very bad due to the rain and fast growth without trimming the shoulder height away. This needs to be cleared out and cut back. Corner is now a BLIND corner due to the growth on the inside of the bend. They used to do a better job on this road. This has been bad since the spring of 2011. The residents reported in May, 2011, June 2011, and July 2011. The trees that hang out on the sharp corner of Mark Lane are vines and branches so you cannnot see around the corner for the oncoming traffic. Folks, please take care of this now. 11/19/2010 reported again. Reported once more 5/11, 6/25/11, 7/11, 9/7/11. 5/23/12 reported AGAIN. Very bad across from #2 Mark Lane area. Overgrown from the side trees growing horizontally out. There is NO ROOM to safely walk on the road now. Be careful, it's very easy to get hit by a faster moving vehicle. Also I almost got hit simply waking on Green Lane near #19 Green Lane. Cars cannot see anything coming out of Mark Lane, and it's overgrown with stuff where they are not aware of anything coming down Green Lane (walkers or bicycles). The vehicles cannot see you as you are walking due to all the stuff hanging out in the road near the green corner house. Be very visible as it's easy to get hit here.
  • 1 Mark Ln Succasunna, NJ 07876, USA - Succasunna-Kenvil

    Some put up markers on a quiet dead end street in Succasunna which narrows a one lane road into a very tight space especially on a sharp bend. People walk on this road and almost get run over by people coming around the bend. We used to have ample space, the snow removal used to be able to be pushed back about 6 feet OFF the road into a huge pile back there. Now the snow is IN the road due to the markers making the road far too narrow. Someone is going to seriously get hurt, as there is no place to walk going around the bend where one is not in the way of an on coming vehicle who cannot see around the blind corner. The other negative, is now the snow makes trying to pass with 2 cars IMPOSSIBLE. So many times folks have almost ran right into our car, and if a UPS truck comes and and you are there...you better kiss yourself goodbye.

    Please have someone fix this situation by taking out the markers and allowing two cars to pass on the sharp bend. This was a big mistake. The neighbors have been saying they are going to get up a petition to speed things up.

  • 380 W Hanover Ave Morristown, NJ 07960, USA - Morris County
    The traffic light located at the entrance to the Fire and Police Academy on W Hanover Ave needs attention (light changes/turns red when nobody's waiting). The hill grade at this location is high for the travelers on W Hanover Ave and the light is badly programmed to turn Red even though there are no vehicles waiting to attempt to exit the "academy", or the facilities across the street - to gain access onto W Hanover Ave. The light changes to Red on the W Hanover Ave for drivers at all hours of the day; and is painfully noticable at late evening and early morning and on weekends when none of the facilities have need for the light. The unnecessary stoppage of Hanover Ave traffic at this location (vehicles traveling up the steep hill & breaking going down the hill) is a big waste of fuel and brake pads with nothing to gain. Better switching is needed here - it's better for the economy and the environment; and, it would make me smile.
  • South Street morristown, nJ - Morris County
    lmost the entire length of Woodland Avenue from the police station to the border with Harding is in rutted with potholes, and has been for almost a year.
  • Meeker Road bernardsville, NJ - Bernardsville
    Going down Meeker Road by the RR tracks, there is no gutter for rain and water runoff. And the water pools at the RR tracks.In the winter, the road is always icy. Steep hill and icy road, a bad mix.
  • N Hillside Ave And Main St Succasunna-Kenvil, NJ - Succasunna-Kenvil
    this manhole is at least 5 to 6 inches lower than the roadway. I don't understand how police, town employees or the public has tolerated this dangerous situation.
  • Punch Bowl Road In Morris Township - Morris County

    Punch Bowl Road has become uncomfortable to drive because of the numerous potholes and patches over the past several years!! It's like a washboard with an irregular pattern. I hate thinking how it must be affecting my shocks and struts! I realize part of the "problem" is that the road is owned by two separate townships. Morris Township needs to bite the bullet and repave their section, which is travelled by many commuters and homeowners every single day.

    Oct 8, 2010: I got a notice todayfrom DPW that Punch Bowl Rd will be resurfaced Oct 12-29. Yayyyyy!!

    End of Oct 2010: They have milled the road.... That's a start!

  • 11 Mark Ln Succasunna, NJ 07876, USA - Succasunna-Kenvil
    There is a silver car and a commercial very large box truck that as late as 3/1/11 has been parking from time to time in the dedicated turn around at the left side end of Mark Lane. This is a "NO Parking" spot as indicated by more than one sign. It was made and trees were taken down by taxpayer's money to make a turnaround for the garbage trucks, UPS, FedEx, town vehicles and recycling vehicles so they would not need to turn around in private driveways. Due to this being blocked many times, cars and trucks are still turning around in people's driveways. The parking there is not being enforced all the time. Police are not monitoring it for illegal parking. No one over night or during the day should be parking there. This is also allowing a green light for minors to be parking their cars there. We've found beer bottles and cans to indicate people sitting their and drinking. The Police officers that have come back there ask to be contacted if anyone is parking there or along Mark Lane that is not a recognized car. The Lane is far to narrow for people to park in the street. Please check this and forward it from time to time to the local Roxbury Township Police. Thank you.
  • Intersection Of Howard Blvd. & Rt. 46 Kenvil NJ - Mount Arlington
    Once the left turning green arrow dissapears, drivers continue turning left onto Rt. 46 East from Howard Blvd. I've seen daily "almost accidents" as they are not yielding to traffic driving straight through. People tell me they think they do not have to yield as they still have a "green light" but the green left arrow is gone. Someone needs to do something about this before someone gets hurt or killed.
  • 1 Mt Olive Rd Budd Lake, NJ 07828, USA - Budd Lake
    The sign that designates that left turn/ straight thru traffic should be switched to left turn only lane and the straight/right turn lane become one. To sit in traffic for two to three lights just to cross over Rt 46 while traffic flows free to turn right is an issue, especially after church services end. Also then give the left turn only lane a delay light to allow more than one or two cars the ability to turn West to lower the traffic load at the intersection.
  • 650-698 U.S. 202 Morris Plains, NJ 07950, USA - Morris Plains
    The no parking on Speedwell Ave needs to be more effectively enforced by Police. Between 4-6pm no parking is the posted law to allow traffic heading south to move along. I have called the Police to many times, they should be doing enforcement regularly to promote safety. Where are they?
  • 3018 State Rte 10 NJ 07950 - Denville
    This spot bet Cooper & Parks Rd on RT10W in Denville ALWAYS floods when raining. Clogged jersey barrier drains are one reason -- but its perpetual and causes significant hydroplaning when going through at 50+ MPH. You essentially lose control of your steering until you plow through it.