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citizens of east macon-forthill and fort hawkins

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  • 976 North Avenue Macon, Georgia - Macon
    The is in reference to the white house next to 970 North Ave. The back yard is extremely overgrown posing a pest issue for neighbors. The roof on the shed in the back yard has recently fell in and is an eyesore.
  • 990 Walnut Macon, Georgia - Macon
    This is one of several lots on Walnut Street that are (and have been) overgrown and infested with rodents, ticks, fleas, and other vermin. This has been a problem for years and I cannot believe that this is permitted in a "Historic" district. With all of the great things going on downtown, this is an unwelcome and counterproductive eyesore.
  • 1097 Hillyer Avenue Macon, Georgia - Macon
    1097 Hillyer Avenue - Owner’s dog was off leash on my property yesterday and Saturday and I quote, " If the animal is off its property the owner is in violation".
  • Macon Ga Adams Street - Macon
    There is a crosswalk here that is useless in terms of safety. I have reported this before because I have to run across the street due to traffic going at higher speeds than is safe. Yesterday I saw students from Mt. Desales trying to negotiate the crosswalk and one student barely escaped getting hit by a car full of women who never noticed him.
  • 1992 Canton St. MACON/BIBB, GA - Macon
    The lot adjacent to 1992 Canton St. has been abandoned for several years, causing problems with pests (rats, cats,roaches, etc) to 1992 Canton St. Exterior siding is hanging from the home, yard is an eyesore (tree limbs hanging over fence onto 1992 Canton St., bushes covering home) and decreasing property values of neighboring properties. Request for home to be torn down.
  • 2283 Clayton Street Macon, Georgia - Macon
    The former Bateman and Wade store (now known as "Tom's Mart") appears to have illegal signage outside of the store. I have reviewed the approved zoning apps on P&Z's website and find no record of a sign application being submitted. This new signage is not in conformance with historic district guidelines and code. Please have someone review and address this issue. I live in the immediate area of this property and do not want to see this eyesore ruin our historic area.
  • 2627 Vineville Ave Macon Georgia - Macon
    Grass in the yard is overgrown. Trees on the property almost completely cover the dilapidated house. This property is an eyesore.
  • 3029 Columbus Rd Macon 31204, United States - Macon
    This business has been reported before. Cars are being parked outside of the Business impeding pedestrians from using the right of way, creating blight and possible unsafe conditions. If the business cannot properly house all of the vehicles on the lot, they should move to another location for proper storage of these vehicles. This eyesore does not contribute to what Macon is trying to do to bring more businesses and citizens to the city. The previous address given was 3021 Columbus Road, but the picture location shows up as 3029 Columbus Road. There are multiple vehicles parked on the right of way on both sides of the road. Not sure how long some have been parked there. Thank you for your help in preventing blight and unsafe walking conditions.
  • 244 College St Macon, GA 31201, USA - Macon
    There are rats spotted on Bond St. Saw another one yesterday evening sitting in the street acting weird. There were no signs of injury. It moved to the curb when a car parked. It did not look injured when it moved. It looked sick. I was walking dog. When I came back it was still sitting there. A cat went up to it and the rat and the cat went down the street drain. I have been seeing a lot of rats but they usually run away quickly. I am worried about rabies and the neighborhood cats and dogs getting rabies if diseases rats are alliwed to roam.
  • 4066 Winding Way Macon, Georgia - Macon
    The vehicle is a red Ford 150. It is parked in front of the property by the curb. It needs to be removed from in front of the property. It is an eyesore and it brings down the value of the other homes in the neighborhood.
  • 1194 Briarcliff Rd Macon, GA, 31211, USA - Macon
    Numerous cars parked in the front yard. Cars parked near the outside of the lot overflow on to the street so much that cars on the road cross over into the left lane. All of which is an eyesore and a danger. White van is usually parked mostly in the yard but doors open onto street but there are other cars in the yard. Not sure of makes, models & tags Not sure of exact address.
  • 2888 Riverview Road MaconMacon, Georgia - Macon
    Home abandoned few years ago, appeared to be in nice condition. Yard kept up until about 3 years ago. Now totally overgrown, house not even visible and large plants from driveway joints! As it is only two doors down from Riverview Bridge, it’s a visible eyesore to everyone entering the neighborhood.