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  • 183 Cambridge St. 01803 - Burlington
    Traffic signal Rt3A southbound in front of Papa Ginos is impossible to see if you are at the Winn St. intersection close to the 1st car length. Wrong type of lens. Winn St. signal only lets 2 cars thru at a time.
  • Network Dr Burlington, MA - Burlington

    The opening of the road directly across from network Dr and Rt62 has created an impossible traffic jam. Taking a left onto Rt62 from Network Dr (heading towards Rt3) is nearly impossible due to light timing that allows at most 3-5 cars to proceed before turning yellow then red. Traffic is backed up heading back towards the mall which then makes it impossible to get onto Network drive from the office complex formally Sun Microsystems. I left at 6:15 last night after turning back to work earlier and it was still just as backed up.

    When I left Oracle at Network drive around 4:40, the traffic on Network drive was backed up all the way back to The Lemon Tree restaurant.
    The Green arrow cycle for making the left turn from Network Drive to Route 62 only lasts around 7 or 8 seconds and is totally inadequate for the volume of vehicles trying to turn left off Network drive to go to Route 3.
    This MUST be fixed TODAY!!!! November 1 2012..
    This is not rocket science...FIX IT

  • 1 Sears St Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    It's almost impossible to make a turn out of Sears St. during "rush hours". Can the light be set to trip to red on Winn when someone is waiting to turn - like the new light at Skilton (CVS)?
  • 1 Skilton Ln Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    How about changing the timing on this recently installed traffic light so it lets more than two cars exit Skilton before changing back to red.
  • 68 Locust St Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    ATV's and Dirt Bikes driving under the power lines, resevoir and on the streets around Locust Street
  • 11 Rahway Rd Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    At the intersection of Skelton Road and Rahway Road a "dead-end" sign needs to be installed facing the traffic coming up Skelton Road to indicate that if you take a RIGHT onto Rahway Road it is a "dead-end". There are two much needed "dead-end" signs at this intersection already, but they both face the traffic coming up Rahway. Please do not remove those signs. Vehicles speed up Rahway Road constantly thinking it is a through-way to Cambridge Street. Rahway does not have any place to turnaround and we fear for the safety of the children on this road. Vehicles trying to get off this narrow road have not only endangered children, but knocked down multiple fences and also backed into a fire hydrant (which then needed to be replaced). In all instances the vehicles were trying to get to Route 3A and were on Rahway Road in error not realizing it is a dead-end. This issue can be easily fixed by installing (1) one sign facing cars coming up Skelton - so they don't inadvertently take a RIGHT onto Rahway Road.
  • 310 Cambridge Street Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    This road is either a 4 lane or a two lane. Why can't the city demarcate the road clearly? What's happening now is dangerous and promotes road rage. Things I see here on a daily basis are absolutely crazy, and I don't feel drivers are to blame. Road markings should not leave things open to personal interpretation. Some people think there are 2 lanes while others think there are 4 lanes. Both approaches are valid. The result is pure chaos. How much money would it take to use white paint and bring clarity and order to this situation???
  • 2-10 Skilton Ln Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    Light at Skliton Ln and Cambridge St (at CVS) is too short. Cars on Cambridge St frequently run the red light and it is DANGEROUS! Please make Skilton Ln green light longer.
  • (potholeS) Archived
    Interstate 95 Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    Potholes getting on to 95 North from Cambridge St in Burlington - they have been there for months! There's got to be at least 5 or 6 of them.
  • 92-96 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    Leaving Wheeler Road to get on to Middlesex Turnpike-the light is less than 5 seconds. At rush hour with an office building leaving combined with people leaving Best Buy the traffic backs up the hill.
  • Hwy 3a Burlington, MA 01803, USA - Burlington
    The traffic lights at Mall Rd and Route 3A are what I call 'smart lights' using street sensors to monitor light cycles. The cycle for cars exiting route 128/95 is not working since the light is green even though there are no cars traveling the route. Consequently route 3a traffic backs up needlessly. please fix
  • Route 3a Burlington, MA - Burlington
    I understand that there is a pending decision about two or four lanes on route 3A. In the meantime, the road is striped for two lanes and it needs to be posted to avoid road rage and close calls!