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  • 2417 Stokes Lane Belle Haven, VA - Belle Haven
    1. Multiple (5 or more) large potholes on Stokes Lane, one very large at the mouth of the Lane. Already contacted VDOT who advised that Stokes Lane is *NOT* maintained by VDOT;
    2. Would like a "DEAD END" sign posted at the mouth of the Lane;
    3. Can we talk about a cul-de-sac at the end of Stokes Lane? I live at 2417 and would gladly give up some of my yard if we could make it easier for people to turn around (and they didn't have to use my driveway).
  • 2738 Prosperity Ave. Vienna, VA - Merrifield
    Cars often fail to stop and often speed up when pedestrians are crossing the road on the crosswalk from the Dunn Loring Metro across Prosperity Ave.
  • Mandatory Ez-Pass Lanes On Toll Road Herndon, VA - Herndon
    The rates go up and the 'service' remains inadequate. Why, at 05:45, or even 17:45 on any workday should EZ-Pass holders be required to wait upon those who need to find and flip the 3 quarters? That is an annoyance at best, and a congestion causer most often. Make one lane always EZ-Pass only.
  • Gosnell Rd Vienna, VA - Tysons Corner
    Drivers turning from Gosnell onto 7 West constantly fill the entire intersection after their light has turned red, completely blocking those on Westpark from going anywhere during their following light cycle. A single red light camera could get 20+ offenders every single light cycle during the evening rush.
  • Elba Rd Alexandria, VA - Hybla Valley
    This intersection is extremely dangerous for pedestians due to speeding traffic that flys around blind turns. There are many pedestrians in the area walking to and from the school and the library as well as dog walkers. Speeding traffic cutting through this neighborhood between Sherwood Hall and Rte 1 poses a danger to these pedestrians.
  • 322 Park Ave Falls Church, VA - Falls Church
    Busiest residential pedestrian area in Falls Church City: route to the Farmers Market and library. Lack of contiguous sidewalks combined with cars parking on both sides of the street is a deadly combo- people run out of sidewalk mid-block, then cross Park Avenue between parked cars into traffic to get to sidewalk on the opposite side of the street.
  • 6704 Metropolitan Center Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    1) Cars illegally blocking the fire lane. 2) At side lot, cars park with empty unpaid meters; same cars morning and night. 3) At kiss and ride, cars "triple" park blocking traffic while others honk their horns to get out. 4) Cars drive through stop sign for crosswalk with pedestrians present. 5) Traffic accident outside front of parking garage took police 45 minutes to show up.
  • 6208 S Van Dorn St Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    Missing section of sidewalk along abandoned property, on S. Van Dorn St to Franconia Road. Accross the street from the High School. The intersection is rated as one of the top high accident intersection for all of FairFax County.
  • Shreve Road At Washington And Old Dominion Trail Idlywood, VA - Idylwood
    It would be great if there were stop signs for the cars at this intersection. Even if cyclists on the trail stop for cars, it can still be difficult to see to cross when heading west. Last summer, I came across a teen who had been hit by a car at this intersection. I did not actually witness it though. This crossing always makes me nervous.
  • Kingstowne Blvd Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    No Crosswalk for crossing straight across Manchester Blvd from Shopping Center to Shopping Center on opposite side of street. Pedestrians whom wish to cross from one shopping center to the other have to push-wait-cross the street 3 times to get across. Due to the inconvenience pedestrians disregard and cross anyway or worse they opt to drive. To make Kingstowne safer and more walk-able suggest a 4 way crosswalk at this intersection.
  • State Route 7900 Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    Every day I see cars stopped and blocking traffic in the right lane after it had changed to a right turn only lane at Beulah Rd. The cars stop and try to maneuver back into traffic which is usually also already stopped at the traffic light.
  • Annandale Road And Arlington Blvd falls church, va - Jefferson
    There is a HUGE cluster of potholes on US-50 East, right after crossing over Annandale Road. Please fix!!