Guillermo Castillo

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  • 8008 West Rockglen Ct Springfield VA - West Springfield
    Driveway and sidewalk. Oyster
    Spouse deployed and I have health issues.
  • 11562 Shadbush Court Reston, Virginia - Reston
    I'm 70 and shoveling is really difficult for me each time we get snow.
    When the snow stops, I need help getting my driveway shoveled out.
    I've been out three times since the snow started and I'm exhausted! Can't think of how much snow I'll be facing by the time I wake up tomorrow.
    Many thanks to anyone who's willing to help me out.
  • 1817 Ivy Oak Square Reston, Virginia - Reston
    .I am willing to pay for sidewalk and blue Toyota Camry, parked in front of my townhouse.
  • South Barros Ct Centerville , Virginia - Centreville
    Shovel and streets clean
  • 11636 Mediterranean Court Reston, Virginia - Reston
    Request from a senior citizen: Please shovel in front of my garage and the walkway to my front door.
    Thank you very much!
  • 10733 Marlborough Rd Fairfax, VA - US Congressional District VA11
    Front walkway and driveway /Country Club View/cross street is Ox Road( 123)
  • 10616 John Ayres Drive Fairfax , VA - US Congressional District VA11
    I need help shoveling my front steps, sidewalk and if you can driveway. Thank you so much
  • 3603 Devilwood Ct Fairfax, Virginia - Fairfax
    My mom is 80 and my dad is 90 with Alzheimer's. They can't shovel, and I live 10 miles away. If someone can help them this weekend, I can send you a check. Contact me at 703-927-7777 if you can help. Thanks and God bless!
  • 6038 Meyers Landing Ct Burke, Virginia - Burke
    I am recovering from surgery and can't lift or shovel. I need my stairs, sidewalk, and car cleared off. Also need snow around my car removed. Couldn't upload multiple pictures doe some reason but my car is an Accord coupe parked next to the large suv
  • 5776 First Landing Way Burke, Va - Burke
    Unable to shovel walkway and cars
  • 13501 Apple Barrel Court Oak Hill, Virginia - Fairfax County
    I am handicapped and can't shovel.
    Don't own a shovel. Assistance please!