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  • Blake Lane Oakton, VA - Oakton
    On the portion of Blake lane between route 123 and Jermantown road near Barden Oaks Court. The pothole is before the 2nd speed bump if headed from 123 towards Jermantown via Blake Lane. About 12 to 16 inches in diameter.
  • 7814 Maple Run Court Glen Burnie, Maryland - Clifton
    Just moved in and need a recycling cart, thank you.
  • 1765-1795 Tysons Boulevard Tysons, Virginia - Tysons Corner
    When turning left/North onto Tysons Blvd from East 123, there is an awful merge of traffic approaching the traffic signal at Galleria Dr. This is because the WB traffic from 123 does not have a light, and there are several lanes of traffic that mix up with people trying to cut right and left simultaneously every morning during rush hour. I think the solution would be to put a no-turn-on-red signal on EB123 so that traffic is better metered into the area.
  • Dolley Madison And Merchant McLean, Virginia - McLean
    There is no way for a pedestrian to cross safely Dolley Madison blvd at Merchant ln.
  • Washington And Old Dominion Railroad Trail Vienna, Virginia - Vienna
    The delay for the WALK light at this signal is WAY, WAY, WAY too long. Many minutes. And then, the actual walk time is extremely short. This creates a safety hazard as the actuator seems to be broken and cyclists and walkers are tempted to cross against the signal. Further, there are other traffic signals on each side that actuate even though the walk signal does not. It seems the message is that motorized vehicles are much more important than measly little pedestrians and cyclists. Please fix!
  • Patrick Henry Drive And Arlington Blvd Fairfax, Virginia - Seven Corners
    Traffic on Arlington Blvd. is backed up for miles leading up to intersection with Patrick Henry Drive. Must be mistimed lights. This has happened many times in the past and has now been occurring since Tuesday 5/30
  • Isaac Newton Square South Reston, Virginia - Reston
    During evening rush hour(s), when traveling north on Wiehle, traffic backs up to the exit/on ramp of the Toll Road because the light at the intersection of Isaac Newton Sq & Wiehle is not in sync with the light at Wiehle & Sunset Hills. Traffic cannot move throught the Sunset Hills intersection going north, and cars can sit through two lights there. The light at Isaac Newton Sq turns red when the Sunset Hills intersection light is green. The light at the Isaac Newton Sq intersectin was just replaced about 3-4 weeks ago, and I think it needs to be reprogrammed to allow traffice to move through the Sunset Hills intersection. It is a mess at rush hour going north on Wiehle.
  • 7806 Maple Run Court Glen Burnie, Maryland - Clifton
    Request for a 65 gallon wheeled cart recycling bin for new owner at cedar point community.
  • 805 Dulles Ct Herndon, VA, 20170, USA - Herndon
    I believe the strip of land behind my property is an easement owned by the town. One of the trees in that strip of land partially came down into my back yard during one of the recent storms. It was a big enough limb that it would have seriously wounded or killed anyone present where it landed. The tree is among several in that strip that may be dead or dying and should be removed to prevent further property damage and/or loss of life.