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  • Eisenhower W Alexandria, VA - US Congressional District VA8
    Along roadway Sidewalk abruptly ends; along property of the Van Dorn Metro Station. A sidewalk here would make for better access to the Metro Station, and easier Bike Commute access on Eisenhower Blvd.
  • 7541-7549 Pohick Rd Lorton, VA 22079, USA - Lorton
    The road surface along EB Pohick Road (Rt. 638) is in need of re-surfacing. Numerous potholes and patches make this stretch of road particularly treacherous.
  • BRAC-133 Archived
    4800 Mark Center Dr Alexandria, VA - Alexandria Wrest
    This building is very irritating, and it's not even done. It's a DOD project to consolidate workers from leased space in the area. It's not suitably served by public transportation. They even want to claim land in a neighboring nature preserve to build a ramp to I-395. As I watched this building go up I was annoyed that worklights burned in the structure 24/7 even when no workers were there. The attached photo was taken on a Sunday. Ironically this is a LEEDS "Silver" project which is supposed to be considerate of life-cycle environmental impact. This project doesn't make security sense by concentrating critical defense personnel in one, easy to find place.
  • Huntington Ave Alexandria, VA - Huntington
    Crosswalk enters the roadway on one side with a curb ramp, but enters the road at the other side with at a storm grade!! The curb ramp that exist on only one side looks new.
  • Beulah St Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    No School Zone Signs at Anthony T. Lane Elementary School on Beulah Rd.
  • Metropolitan Center Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    Springfield Metro fails to show when next train will be arriving; it only displays when current train will be leaving. When the trains are severely delay there is no information.
    During the last snow fall waited over 30 minutes during rush hour for the train to show. There was no notice, not even an announcement that there was a huge delay.
  • Providence Forest Dr Vienna, VA 22180, USA - Merrifield
    In a neighborhood where parking is at a premium, Providence Forest Dr. could easily accomodate 10 additional parking spaces if the "No Parking Beyond this Point" signs along the street were more reasonably placed closer to the intersections.
  • HOV violators Archived
    267 Dulles Toll Rd East And West Bound Mclean to Sterling, Virginia - Reston

    Every day going east and west bound on 267 there are always multiple HOV violators and never any enforment or traps. As someone who uses these daily it is very frustrating.

    Edit : This was probably one of the biggest waste of time possible. I feel like since I posted this there has been less HOV enforcement on the Dulles Toll Road (267) then ever before. I don't understand why all of the other HOV lanes in Northern Virginia get policed heavily but 267 is left to the rent a cop airport police that never do HOV checks.

  • Frontier Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    The ramp turning left from Frontier Dr onto the Franconia Springfield Pkwy is littered with potholes - some severe. THese should be repaired before winter hits, again.
  • Exit Ramp From I-495 To Van Dorn Street Alexandria, Virginia - Franconia

    Both the inner and outer loop traffic must merge within a relatively short distance on this ramp. Traffic needing to go north on Van Dorn Street from the outer loop and traffic needing to go south on Van Dorn Street from the inner loop are forced to cut across lanes to get to the required turning lanes.

    In addition the entire ramp is in very poor condition with a degraded surface and many potholes.

  • 1441-1445 Spring Hill Rd McLean, VA 22102, USA - US Congressional District VA8
    Drivers often far right turning lane (clearly marked 267E only) on Jones Branch to avoid traffic/light at intersection and then block traffic on both the 267 entrance and Spring Hill rd as illegally merge left to get off the 267 on-ramp.
  • Route 7 And Gorham Street Falls Church, VA - Bailey's Crossroads
    This is a local shortcut for commuters as well as for trucks. The pothole is in the middle of what would be the pedestrian crosswalk if there were one. Any vehicle turning right onto Rt 7 heading for Alexandria risks losing a tire at this point. Gorham St is heavily traveled and always develops substantial potholes that don't get fixed until they're gigantic. It'd be great to get this one patched before winter.