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  • Herndon Parkway And Van Buren Herndon, VA - Herndon
    During rush hours, there is a large volume of Eastbound traffic on Herndon Parkway attempting to turn left onto Southbound Van Buren Street. Both the length of the left turn lane and the duration of the left turn light are insufficient. As a result, the number of cars attempting to turn left exceeds the amount of left turn lane space available, blocking the through lanes. Moreover, because the wait to turn left is so long, motorists turn right onto Northbound Van Buren and then make left U-turns in Senate Court - many at unacceptably high speeds and then head back South on Van Buren using the through lanes.
  • 3943-3999 Lees Corner Rd Fairfax, VA 22033, USA - Chantilly
    Busy intersection without one single light at night, with grass and brushes that are nearly 3 feet tall and a total lack of sidewalk or safe walking path from 50 into the north portion of Less' Corner. Pitch black at night with bikes and pedestrians sharing the road with fast moving traffic. Need a complete overhaul.
  • 1441-1445 Spring Hill Rd McLean, VA 22102, USA - US Congressional District VA8
    Drivers often far right turning lane (clearly marked 267E only) on Jones Branch to avoid traffic/light at intersection and then block traffic on both the 267 entrance and Spring Hill rd as illegally merge left to get off the 267 on-ramp.
  • Exit Ramp From I-495 To Van Dorn Street Alexandria, Virginia - Franconia

    Both the inner and outer loop traffic must merge within a relatively short distance on this ramp. Traffic needing to go north on Van Dorn Street from the outer loop and traffic needing to go south on Van Dorn Street from the inner loop are forced to cut across lanes to get to the required turning lanes.

    In addition the entire ramp is in very poor condition with a degraded surface and many potholes.

  • State Route 7900 & Backlick Rd Springfield, VA - Springfield
    MS13 Gang Graffiti written on back of Steet Sign. The graffiti has been there for years. Back of sign is visible from bike path.
  • Frontier Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    The ramp turning left from Frontier Dr onto the Franconia Springfield Pkwy is littered with potholes - some severe. THese should be repaired before winter hits, again.
  • 7001 Devereux Cir Dr Alexandria, VA - Franconia
    Cars will quickly enter and make illegal *and dangerous* u-turns anywhere they please to then make a left onto telegraph. Police need to beef up ticketing!
  • Greendale Village Dr Alexandria, VA - Rose Hill
    Greendale Village Dr and Castle Bar Ln.
    Bikepath and Sidewalk ends and pedestrians are forced to cross to the opposite side of the street to continue on a sidewalk. A crosswalk would remind drivers of the forced pedetrian crossing located here.
  • 4209 Walney Rd Chantilly, VA - Chantilly
    One of the key things we need to do are to enforce laws that are already on the books with respect to signage (remove them and charge them fines - $100 per sign). I plan on calling VDOT again this week with respect to tremendous growth of signs along RT50, Walney, and Willard. I called 3 businesses a few weeks ago and told them I would going to report them if they weren’t removed (within a week) but alas they are still there. Especially flagrant of all laws and common decency about being a good neighbor are the marble and granite businesses in the area. I estimate these businesses have 50 signs put up within a 2 mile radius. Signs that are attached to traffic posts, utility/power poles, in common areas along the sidewalks in front of other businesses, in trees, and anywhere else they can find a spot for them. If you are like me, I am fed up with all the tacky advertising signs that ruin our landscape, devalue property, and interfere with the right of way along our roads. Give businesses a fair playing field for advertising that doesn't include these sort of advertising tactics and illegal use of taxpayer-provided infrastructure.
  • 8599 Old Courthouse Rd Vienna, VA 22182, USA - Tysons Corner
    This is a really bad series of potholes on the main neighborhood commuter thoroughfare that is Old Courthouse, just southwest of the intersection with Gosnell. It's been there for eons, long before this year's snow and ice issues. Time to fix, Fairfax County!
  • lane markings Archived
    Nutley Street Vienna, va - Vienna
    Between Lee Hwy and Virginia Center Blvd -- the lane markings are worn off. Very dangerous at dusk, dark and in the rain b/c of all lane changes to get to/from 66 and Metro access.