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Avondale Neiborhood

Notified About

  • 3345 W Wellington Ave Chicago Il 60618 United States - Avondale
    Routine gang graffiti
  • 3309-3311 N Sacramento Ave Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Avondale
    Steel plate in middle of road is not properly placed. Every time a car goes over it it vibrates the whole neighborhood and makes a very loud noise. There is also no marking around the plate indicating its presence.
  • Addison And Central Park Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 35
    The expressway grass area on the Addison off-ramp of the Kennedy Expressway at Addison and Central Park 60618 is filled with garbage. This ramp is also the CTA bus shelter at the Addison Blue Line 152 bus going East. This garbage attracts pigeons and rats. You will need a rake and shovel to remove the garbage. This is a constant problem. A homeless man has been living and begging for money in this area. The mess is growing day by day.
  • 3004 West Belmont Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Avondale
    Unsafe street conditions, especially for bicyclists and a bicyclist was killed on the other side of this intersection last summer. Needs repaving or immediate repair.
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    2947 N Whipple St Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Avondale
  • 3543–3549 N Lawndale Ave Chicago 60618, United States - Chicago Ward 35
    Blocked sewer
  • 2867 N Kimball Ave Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Avondale
  • Chicago 60618 United States - Avondale
    Not a pothole in street, majorly heaved sidewalk tile on west side of Sacramento. Safety risk.
  • 3001 W Addison St Chicago 60618, United States - Avondale
    Located in the Righthand turn lane from Addison to Sacramento. In front of bus stop location, concrete tiles are greatly uneven.
  • 3411 W Addison St Chicago 60618, United States - Avondale
    Bad hole along curb of entrance to right turning lane in eastbound lane. Has been patched twice before. Rain has really opened it again. About a foot deep and two feet wide.
  • Tree Debris Archived
    3050 W Diversey Ave Chicago 60647, United States - Avondale
    Spruce tree on parkway on corner has a new bagworm infestation this summer. Forestry needs to come by and treat it this fall so that it doesn’t take over and kill the tree.
  • 3014 N Whipple St Chicago 60618, United States - Avondale
    Multiple rats running along curb on Avondale