Oakland Bike Patrol

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Watching issues created after: 2016-03-19

The Oakland Bike Patrol (of the Oakland Police Department) partners with local cyclists to improve the quality and safety of the parks and promote park and recreation facility usage. Bike Patrol volunteers provide the Oakland PD with specially trained volunteers to assist and educate the community on safety rules and regulations making the parks more safe and enjoyable for all users.

Notified About

  • 3860 Hanly Rd Oakland, California - Oakmore
    Both slides at Dimond Park have been boarded up and unusable for 6+. They need to be replaced or fixed so that kids can slide at the park! One slide is in the playground by the rec center, and the other is at the bottom of the park where Dimond St enters it.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    2432 Monterey Boulevard Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakmore
    Big pothole
  • 2401-2493 Monterey Boulevard Oakland, California - Oakmore
    A large pile of household trash and construction debris was dumped between the sidewalk and the hillside/canyon. The debris is falling down the hill towards the creek. The trash is located just south of the Monterey trailhead, next to a parking regulation sign
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Dimond Canyon Trail Oakland, California - Oakland
    huge pile of trash dumped at exit from park on el centro, across from entrance to dimond canyon trail. it has been there for many days
  • Sausal Creek Trail Oakland, California - Oakmore
    The entrance to the Sausal Creek culvert in Dimond Canyon Park is mostly blocked by debris (including tree trunks). It needs to be cleaned out to prevent the creek from overflowing its banks and causing flooding and erosion.
  • 10302 Skyline Blvd Oakland, CA 94619, USA - Joaquin Miller Park
    A crosswalk is needed for the Camp Trail at Skyline Blvd
  • Other Archived
    Dimond Park - Oakmore
    Waste management dumpster by bathrooms was burned over the weekend and it needs to be replaced trash is all out of the bin and the doors are wide open
  • 2419 Monterey Boulevard Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Oakmore
    Car bumper and other trash dumped over hillside
  • Sausal Creek Trail Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Oakmore
    Chai dumped in Sausalito Creek playground
  • Other Archived
    3853-3861 Lyman Rd Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Oakmore
    Blight- Grass needs cutting building needs paint and trash in front, furniture on side -old sofa
  • 3668 Dimond Ave Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Oakmore
    All the slides in dimond park are broken. There are three playgrounds and ALL THE SLIDES HAVE BEEN BOARDED UP FOR YEARS. SERIOUSLY
  • 1393 El Centro Ave Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Glenview
    Large dump of Mattresses and other junk right on El Centro Rd.