Venice Gardens

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  • Permitting Archived
    2191 Sandlewood Dr Venice, FL 34293, USA - Venice Gardens
    Shed in backyard built illegal during night time about a year back. It is under power, they use a flood light from the shed during night and play loud music from it. There was a previous permit issue with a illegal shed they had to take down, but rebuild it. Permit # for old violation: 16 129011 00 CB.
  • 1736 Valencia Dr Venice, Florida - Venice Gardens
    Large pile of debris in front yard for over a week (was not picked up with Friday trash pickup) and debris in carport again
  • 907 Rosedale Rd Venice 34293 Sarasota, Florida - Venice Gardens
    someone has dumped garbage and logs in the slough on the adjacent property (south- an empty lot) clogging the opening to the culvert in back of my house which could cause flooding on my property.
    Location: LOTS 16613 & 16614 SOUTH VENICE UNIT 63
  • 412 Redwood Rd Venice, FL 34293, USA - Venice Gardens
  • 243 Hillview Road venice, Florida - Venice Gardens
    Has a landscaping business and has multiple trailers storage and vehicle storage and supplies eveerywhere and house has multiple families in there.
  • 1683 Us Highway 41 Bypass South venice Sarasota, Florida - Venice Gardens
    large tent set up selling confederate flags and big flags saying want my gun come get it with machine gun
  • 346 Eider Rd Sarasota, Florida - Venice Gardens
    Trash scattered throughout yard, debris left all around property, extremely high grass growing on side and back of house
  • 540 La Gorce Dr Venice, Florida - Venice Gardens
    On the side of this house is junk piling up. Possibly some in the backyard too.
  • 980 Sandlewood Dr venice, Florida - Venice Gardens
    trash all over front of home. Yard has been reported many times for no mowing
  • 661 E. Seminole Dr. Venice , Florida - Venice Gardens
    pile of debris in front of house almost 3 months
  • tree debris Archived
    580 E. Seminole Dr. venice, Florida - Venice Gardens
    tree debris left on curb - not bundled or picked up. Left for several months
  • 980 Sandlewood Drive Venice FL 34293 - Venice Gardens
    980 Sandlewood Drive, Venice FL 34293. Yard is once again extremely overgrown. A large rat ran out of her yard in front of my car last week. Also she has continuously accumulated junk/debris and has piled it outside the front of the house. It is piled around the front door and down the driveway. When Irma was headed this way NO ACTION was taken to secure or clean up the debris. Yard needs cut and debris needs to be removed ASAP.