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Montclair / Hills

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  • 5534-5540 Thornhill Drive Oakland, California - Merriwood

    This is a very deep and new pothole (I am familiar with many other Thornhill "favorites"). I hit it with my drivers side front tire and it blew out the sidewall (less than 8,000 miles on my tired and no previous damage). Almost $300 to replace the tire. Please don't let this happen to others.

    This pothole is in a critical location as anyone turning onto Thornhill from the freeway or from Moraga Blvd will encounter the pothole -- you can't swerve to the left because you risk going into oncoming traffic. There are frequently cars parked on the right. Pothole is located on the right side of the street as you are traveling N/NE.

  • 6401-6411 Snake Road Oakland, California - Montclair

    Snake Rd is closed indefinitely at the 6600 block because of damage from the December 11-12 fire.

    Please change the sign at the 4 way stop intersection of Snake and Colton to say "Road Closed Ahead, No Thru Traffic" rather than the current "Road Work" sign.

    Drivers are passing the "Road Work" sign then making dangerously fast U turns when they get to the closed section.

  • 6150 Moraga Ave Piedmont, CA 94611, USA - Montclair
    Need a gate door for the infant/toddler area of the park. A gate is useless with out a door that closes. There use to be a gate door there and would love to see it replaced! Thank you!!
  • 6946-6970 Balsam Way - Merriwood
    There has been significant erosion from the upslope lots on Balsam Way. With increased traffic on the road and more pedestrians out, the narrowing streets have made it very unsafe. There has been accidents involving dogs and motor vehicles, resulting in the death of a dog. This street needs to be widened.
  • 5741 Thornhill Drive Oakland, California - Merriwood


    There are many huge holes and small holes all along Thornhill Drive from Hwy 13 to Merriewood Drive. Cars are swerving to avoid them and it's creating a very dangerous situation, especially given that it's near an elementary school.

    Additionally, all along the south side of Thornhill Drive from Hw 13 to the school are parking spots that are frequently used by parents parking and walking their kids to school. There are deep trenches near the stores that cars get trapped in and it's very dangerous.

    The whole stretch of road needs to be repaved.

  • Thornhill Dr Oakland, California - Merriwood
    There are a minimum of 20 potholes on Thornhill dr, the majority of which are dangerously large and have existed for years. The street is generally deteriorated and there are major cracks in the asphalt.
  • 6959 Balsam Way Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Merriwood
    There is constant pooling of water from the combination of a French drain and apparently some underground natural water sources on Balsam Way. The street was swept only a few days prior to taking this photo. The water is immediately pooling after being swept, it's becoming stagnant, smelling awful, and is a breeding ground for mosquitos. The city needs to do something about the lack of drainage on Balsam Way.
  • 17055 Broadway Ter Oakland, CA - Merriwood
    There are two large potholes, one on the uphill lane and one on the downhill lane of Broadway Terrance between 17051 and 17055. They have been getting larger and deeper with each rain.
  • 5901 Marden Lane Oakland, California - Merriwood
    Collapsed Roadway - Loss of Two Parking spots. A tree recently fell and it caused the road to collapse in the city maintained cul-de-sac. The curb went with it, and now there is a fall hazard, a road hazard and a parking problem and rainwater drains into the property below. Please advise when the City can resolve this issue. It looks like a small augar pile retaining wall may be necessary to support the roadway. This tree that fell is the same tree that was marked for removal under ticket number 693642 in November 2016. The tree was trimmed but not removed, and now it has fallen.
  • Balsam Way Oakland, California - Merriwood
    We have been dealing with the issue of water pooling, not draining, and becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos on Balsam Way for several YEARS. As far as I can tell, the city hasn’t provided any reasonable solution nor are they coming out and scraping the sludge. There are children who play in the neighborhood and it is a health hazard. The city needs to be up here scraping lower Balsam Way on a regular basis.
  • 6959 Balsam Way Oakland, California - Merriwood

    Buried fire hydrant at risk of pipe breaking and perhaps unusable by Oakland Fire.

    Opposite 6946 Balsam.

  • Pothole Archived
    6916 Shepherd Canyon Rd Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Shepherd Canyon
    Now there are two potholes and it is really bad!