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  • Pothole Archived
    2-22 Hurst Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Buckingham Lake-Crestwood
    Hurst has some very significant potholing and rough surface. It needs some TLC!
  • Hansen Avenue Albany, New York - Pine Hills

    At 12:45 p.m. on 1-30-18, a man wearing a royal blue parka and a dark watch cap, walked with the 3 loose dogs as they ran about in the area behind the Little League fields and Basketball courts off of Woodlawn, Partridge and Hansen. The man lives with the dogs in the tan house at the corner of Hansen And Ryckman. These dogs were observed to be running about and eliminating in the field area adjacent to the basketball courts. The man did NOT pick up after the dogs which is a health issue and the dogs exhibiting pack behaviors as they ran about loose are a safety threat to anyone who might encounter them! The
    Rules for dog ownership within city limits needs to be followed and enforced!!

  • Tree Issues Archived
    549 Warren St Albany, NY 12208, USA - Pine Hills
  • Pothole Archived
    250 South Allen St Albany, New York - New Scotland
    the street in this area is strewn with potholes and related surface issues.
    been a tough freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw winter for roads here and I believe the city is doing it's best to keep up...this street gets a massive amount of use and this stretch has become dangerous for vehicle suspensions, tire blow outs, "swerve to avoid" into oncoming traffic., etc.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    201-205 Hackett Boulevard Albany, New York - Helderberg
    City trash can is full, overflowing.
  • Pothole Archived
    46 Ramsey Place Albany, New York - Helderberg
    Very large pothole- water pipe is showing.
  • 398 Morris St Albany, NY 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Traffic signals on Quail St are not switching for Morris St and Warren St. Unsure if Myrtle St is broken too.
  • 13 Crestwood Court Albany, New York - Whitehall
    dangerous and slippery
  • 298 Hackett Blvd Albany, NY 12208, USA - Whitehall
    This mound of snow is blocking the sidewalk
  • Pothole Archived
    Buckingham Drive Albany, New York - Buckingham Lake-Crestwood
    A deep pothole and a very bumpy surface on Buckingham. Both areas fixed but very bad again.
  • 686 Park Ave Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    no attempt to clear snow has been made. same as last snowfall.
  • 72 Cardinal Avenue Albany, New York - Helderberg