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  • Morris Street Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    Since when do valets determine where people can and can't park in Albany? I tried to go to the bank today and pulled into a legal parking space and the valet told me I can't park there unless I'm using valet service and going to the pulmonary office. I told him I was parked in a residential space with a residential permit and was going to the bank and he started following me and calling me rude for parking where I have every right to park. He said, Take it up with Albany Med if you don't like it. They decide what we can do." Where is AMC's accountability? Do they now supersede the Mayor's office? Parking regulations? Citizen rights? The valets and residents are stuck in the middle of a worsening problem that has to be resolved at a different level, and soon we'll have snow emergency parking which will be an even worse problem with AMC using all of these spaces when they have a garage a block away.
  • 289 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    There is a dog crated outsielde every single day on the 3nd floor porch. The dog has no bedding and no access to water. It is currently 90F outside and the dog is locked in a black box, essentially.
  • Morris St. And New Scotland Ave. Albany, New York - Park South

    An Albany Medical Center valet service is monopolozing public parking and bothering people who legally park on either side of the street on Morris at New Scotland. I parked in a public space and a valet immediately approached my car. I shook my head that I did not want valet parking, but he stood at my car door. When I exited my vehicle, he asked me where I was going and how long I would be.

    It's no ones business where I'm going or for how long. I told them this is public/residential parking. They told me my car might get blocked in if I park there, and one of the valets said, I was lucky it was him or I might "get hassled" by other valets for parking (in a residential spot with my residential permit). This feels like pressuring, bordering on harassment. The city needs to reign in AMC. Park South is not their kingdom.

  • Elbel Court Albany, New York - Whitehall
    Children from Meyers Middle School waiting for the 4:00 bus on the southwest corner of Whitehall Road at Elbel Court are running into the street in front of moving cars and remaining in the street, blocking traffic. On at least one occasion children were sitting down in the street. There is a real danger that one of these children will be struck by an impatient driver. School personnel are not interested in helping. A crossing guard or police officer needs to be on the scene to control this situation before a child is run over.
  • S Manning Blvd Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Helderberg

    It's great that St. Peter's has a no smoking policy for their campus. Except for any and all neighbors of the surrounding campus. Employees, contractors and patients alike simply exit the perimeter of St. Peter's to smoke their cigarettes. The result is an excessive and abundant ring of cigarette butts and litter surrounding the campus. Why should the neighbors of St. Peter's have to deal with St. Peter's litter?? This is a classic example of good rule gone bad and unintended consequences. As neighbors of St. Peter's we are sick of the the cigarette filled sidewalks on front of Dunkin Donuts, The US Post Office, Maria College, Temple Israel, Key Bank... the list goes on.

    We ask the board of St. Peter's - why should these fine business and institutions have to deal with the litter of your employees and customers? Let them smoke on your own property and YOU CLEAN IT UP!

    St. Peter's, we look forward to your response and dedication to solving this issue for your neighbors.

  • New Scotland At Buckingham Sr. Albany, New York - Buckingham Lake-Crestwood
    There's been a large jump in the number of people that are going through the left turn only lane going east on New Scotland at this light. Some of it might be because of the poor condition of the road in the right lane but the majority of it seems to be people just trying to beat the traffic. I've seen this everyday for a week now and it's definitely intentional. This causes problems with people in the correct lane to go straight once they get past the light. Any chance of getting enforcement here?
  • Pothole Archived
    Notre Dame Dr Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Albany
    There are several re-occuring large and deep potholes along Notre Dame Drive between Holland and Vassar. It is extremely difficult to traverse this road without hitting one.
  • 13 Crestwood Court Albany, New York - Whitehall
    grass is very overgrown I walked past felt a pain on my calf and had a tic attached to me am considering legal action aganst the owner and the city for not enforcing the codes and protecing us aganst these lawless absent homeowners
  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    143 Woodlawn Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Gee, maybe you better tell the owner of the building that there's no trash pickup on the weekend. Maybe you could just call them, since their number is on the rental sign. Disgusting.
  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    351 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    This disgusting couch has been here for months. Really, months. I appreciate See Click Fix but it is not the public's responsibility to inform the city about things like this. Because the city clearly knows about it. Months. Really.
  • 70 Morris St. Albany, New York - Park South
    Why is it so hard for tenants of 70 Morris to dispose of their garbage in their own building? This is a regular issue. Today, tenants decided they should leave their trash and cardboard outside the municipal trash bin outside of Pat Kelly Park at the intersection of Morris and Knox. Conveniently, they left their names on the boxes. Please address with management- Maddalone & Associates.
  • Drug dealing Archived
    315 Partridge St Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Numerous people reside and visit the residence daily. A black car with a red v on hood comes and goes innumerable times a day and at night. These back and forth trips are under 10 minutes each time. The windows are so dark on the car it’s impossible to see in. The cars I see most often have a Massachusetts and Virginia license plates. There is often fighting, partying, and aggressive and loud behavior in and around the house. There is no downtime and seem to be often active and awake. This has been occurring for months, since they moved in. Odd chemical smell was noticed but I couldn’t define what it was. Additionally they throw garbage in others trash and took the upstairs tenants garbage can. If I see it at the exact time would’ve called police. Lastly they often switch up where some of them park. It could be by the park, around the corner, way down the street. I’ll also observed odd communication like whistling,
    Mopeds driving by and someone going out shortly after, group of people arriving and getting out and another group of people coming out of the house and getting into the same car, etc.