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  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    143 Woodlawn Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    Gee, maybe you better tell the owner of the building that there's no trash pickup on the weekend. Maybe you could just call them, since their number is on the rental sign. Disgusting.
  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    351 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    This disgusting couch has been here for months. Really, months. I appreciate See Click Fix but it is not the public's responsibility to inform the city about things like this. Because the city clearly knows about it. Months. Really.
  • 70 Morris St. Albany, New York - Park South
    Why is it so hard for tenants of 70 Morris to dispose of their garbage in their own building? This is a regular issue. Today, tenants decided they should leave their trash and cardboard outside the municipal trash bin outside of Pat Kelly Park at the intersection of Morris and Knox. Conveniently, they left their names on the boxes. Please address with management- Maddalone & Associates.
  • Vacant Lots Acknowledged
    16 Morris St Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    My final postcard from the wild west that is the city of Albany-owned parking lot aka dump at the corner of Lark and Morris. What can I say? People drive on the NEW sidewalk to park here, the city doesn't tickets- thereby legitimizing this behavior and at the same time won't pave, install lights and meters as it does with its other parking lots. I won't even mention the plateless abandoned silver sedan that's been camped here since March and which I reported to dgs and the Albany pd.. because, why bother? Maybe it's time to call the land bank. That's what they do right? Take derelict properties out of the hands of irresponsible owners... Shame on the city of Albany for not even being able to manage a parking lot.
  • Watch out! Archived
    613 New Scotland Avenue Albany, New York - New Scotland

    Twice this week I saw whoever was driving the vehicle in the picture cross double yellow lines with oncoming traffic in order to speed past vehicles that were following the law (and common sense) by going 20 mph near a park and waiting for a person in a wheelchair to finish crossing the street. I sure hope they are stopped before they cause a head-on collision or run over a pedestrian.

    In the meantime, drivers and pedestrians beware!

    (BTW, my best guess is that this person lives in the suburbs west of Albany because we happened to be going the same way for awhile.)

  • 50 Oakwood St Albany, new york - New Scotland
    For the last month plus a neighbor has parked his boat and boat trailer on our residential street. As per the Albany parking restrictions seen here: it seems this should not be allowed and should be moved and stored somewhere appropriate.
    It is hard to see around when driving as it takes up a good amount of the road at the Barnet and Oakwood intersection. This is dangerous to cars and the children that play on this street.
    Please have the owner find a new storage space for the boat rather than a city street.
    It has been a reasonable amount of time to find new storage and if this is allowed to continue through the winter it would an unneeded plowing hassle.
  • 996 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    There are several residents of Morris Street (I believe) who are driving their 4 wheelers around Myrtle, Morris, and the St Rose music parking lot at an extreme speed. They are also driving on the sidewalks. They are extremely rude when neighbors have asked them to stop. No masks, no helmets, no headlights. It’s so dangerous both for the riders and for the neighbors. Kids on the block have playing inside all day because of them.
  • 92 Dana Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    2 African American guys that live at 92 Dana ave in the basement apt are always driving up the street reving the engine on a burgundy Dodge Challenger really loud all the time. This happens at all hours of the day. I’ve also seen them with guns and selling drugs in the cvs parking lot. Please get these two low life’s off the street .
  • 51–93 Grove Ave Albany 12208, United States - Helderberg
    First time a sign appeared at this crosswalk in months, and its flattened within an hour. We NEED a light-up signal activated when a pedestrian is there. There are several new ones throughout the city. This is dangerous for a so-called walkable community!
  • Illegal Trash Archived
    450 Yates St Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    The student house always has piles of garbage in front of the building creating a disgusting and disgraceful scattering of garbage all over the area.
  • 16 Morris St. Albany, New York - Park South
    This lot has been vacant for quite some time. Lately, there have been upwards of 7 cars parked in this lot on a regular basis and on weekends and during Washington Park events, more folks park in it (driving over sidewalks to access it).
    So my question is- is this a parking lot? Can I park in it? Since people are already using it as a parking lot- why doesn't the city pave it, clean it up and install meters to make it a convenient PAID lot for Lark St. visitors. Seems like a no brainer. It currently looks bad and has no clear purpose.
  • Lark And Dana Ae Albany, New York - Park South
    While walking on Lark at the corner of Dana Ave, a young male (high school age or very young adult) was riding a motor bike on the sidewalk past the Boys and Girls Club and turned in front of me onto Dana Ave. This has to stop before someone gets hurt or worse. Bicycles are not supposed to be on the sidewalk, let alone motor bikes and both are an increasing risk to pedestrians including children. Police presence is needed in this area, 7 days a week, and particularly from 3:00 PM to 5:00 AM.