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  • 78 Morris St. Albany, New York - Park South
    Since purchasing my home in the Park South neighborhood last year, I've admired Pat Kelly park at the intersection of Morris and Knox. It is always impeccably maintained... and padlocked. I've asked about it at the neighborhood association meetings on a number of occasions and got hushed murmured responses as to why that is, and who has access to this park.
    Over the weekend, I was walking my dog and to my great surprise- a HUMAN! In Pat Kelly Park- gardening! I quickly walked over to this person and from the other side of the fence said with excitement "Good morning! I've never seen anyone in this park!" The person ignored me. I tried again "Do you have the key?" "Yes Maam I do, " said the person, not making eye contact - then walking away, ending the conversation. Stunned , I continued on my walk, baffled that someone who somehow has a key and private access to a CITY PARK was being so rude.
    On my way back I asked from the other side of the fence "this is a city park, right?" the person refused to answer me and went skulking off behind the shed.
    This is not acceptable. What the heck is going on with Pat Kelly Park? If it's someone's private park and I am confused- please let me know. But if this is a city-owned park (as the most recent parcel map indicates) it needs to be open or there needs to be some avenue for gaining access to members of the community. Is this the Secret Garden?
  • 996 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    There are several residents of Morris Street (I believe) who are driving their 4 wheelers around Myrtle, Morris, and the St Rose music parking lot at an extreme speed. They are also driving on the sidewalks. They are extremely rude when neighbors have asked them to stop. No masks, no helmets, no headlights. It’s so dangerous both for the riders and for the neighbors. Kids on the block have playing inside all day because of them.
  • 700 New Scotland Ave Albany 12208, United States - New Scotland
    Please please please clarify the number of lanes with signage and lane markings for the length of New Scotland from Krumkill to Manning Blvd. Especially now with the Maria College construction that encroaches into the road. Speed and aggressive driver enforcement would also vastly improve the safety of this very busy thoroughfare. Near miss accidents occur dozens of times per day.
  • 92 Dana Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    2 African American guys that live at 92 Dana ave in the basement apt are always driving up the street reving the engine on a burgundy Dodge Challenger really loud all the time. This happens at all hours of the day. I’ve also seen them with guns and selling drugs in the cvs parking lot. Please get these two low life’s off the street .
  • Tree Issues Archived
    35 Oakwood St Albany, New York - New Scotland
    I call this the Death Tree" because it has so many dead branches ready to fall and cause potential death and injury to both pedestrians and cars. It' located across the street from my house on the side of 37 Oakwood St almost on the corner of Fairview & Oakwood St. and right next to power pole #8. It's on city property, has power lines going through it and Lewis Tree Co. refuses to touch it because they don't work on trees next to a street lamp pole. One of the wires going through it is loose and hanging down slightly.
  • 50 Edgecomb St Albany, NY - Delaware Avenue
    Abandoned property......Back yard grass is 2 feet tall. Hasn’t been mowed all summer.
  • 265-271 S. Allen St Albany, New York - New Scotland
    the new buildings(Eleftheria?) on S. Allen St. are having the entire run of sidewalk replaced by the city. most of those panels were in fine shape but are being made brand new by request!
    would it be possible to repair an actual hazard while the crews are just down the street doing Eleftheria's bidding?
    Thank you
  • 66 Glendale Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Helderberg
    There are drugs being sold/done in and out of this house. Constantly smells like marijuana, lawn overgrown, constant traffic at all hours of the night, screaming at 3 am, police being called to this house and nothing is done. It's ruining my quiet street/neighborhood.
  • Pothole Archived
    265 S Main Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Helderberg
    There are potholes from New Scotland all the way to Whitehall Road. Every year this street is field with potholes. It is horrible for your vhiecle and I feel sorry for people that has to drive on that block every day.
  • 1 Lawnridge Ave Albany, New York - Helderberg

    I have reported this issue to the mayors office and the Building Department Multiple times. WHY IS MR DUKER ALLOWED TO DO WORK WITHOUT PERMITS?

    He has done electrical plumbing and heating, moved walls around and has done exterior work. I have called multiple times and he only has a repair permit! We as concerned neighbors would like to know WHY! . I have spoke with all my neighbors and WE ARE CONCERNED! The contractors have let me in and that place has had a COMPLETE RENOVATION!

  • 576 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    The overgrowth and vines is starting to wrap itself around the power lines to this house. There is rotting trash in the back yard which includes construction debris, paint cans and aerosol cans. Paint is peeling and several screens have been pulled out on the windows.
  • 260-296 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Albany
    This overgrown stretch of sidewalk is along the fence line of the field at Hackett Middle School. The bushes and branches are obstructing the sidewalk making it difficult for walkers, bikers or those in a wheelchair/scooter to navigate this area. This sidewalk is utilized by Veteran patients, many of whom have physical limitations. It is also used by staff from the Albany VA & Albany Medical Center and students & staff of the middle school. Cars drive down Myrtle Ave very quickly, putting those diverted to the street at risk of being hit.