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  • 219 New Scotland Ave. Albany, New York - New Scotland
    Still no compliance, this is nothing new!!
    City of Albany do what you said you were going to do!
    Clear the walk and charge the owner!
    There is a LOT OF MONEY for the the city coffers in just the Heldeberg Neighborhood !!
    Do what you said you were going to do!!!
  • 260-296 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Albany
    This overgrown stretch of sidewalk is along the fence line of the field at Hackett Middle School. The bushes and branches are obstructing the sidewalk making it difficult for walkers, bikers or those in a wheelchair/scooter to navigate this area. This sidewalk is utilized by Veteran patients, many of whom have physical limitations. It is also used by staff from the Albany VA & Albany Medical Center and students & staff of the middle school. Cars drive down Myrtle Ave very quickly, putting those diverted to the street at risk of being hit.
  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    49 Morris St Albany, NY 12208, USA - Park South
    ok, I get it. the city "doesn't pick up abandoned electronics".... this is a TV that was dumped outside of a vacant property. so... what should we do? who should pick this TV up?
  • 57 S Pine Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    The occupants of said address own a dangerous and untrained aggressive animal, which is allowed free range of the entire block at any given point in the day. It is never on a leash. It’s only a matter of time until it hurts or kills someone or someone else’s pet. Recently, (not an hour ago) a woman was nearly attacked because they never have it on a leash. This has gone on for months and the guy always apologizes but cant seem to figure out a leash law, Good luck. It’s an easy place to find. The front yard is all dug up. Bare dirt. I hear they’re also squatters so that should be a fun day. Thank you.
  • 1 Lawnridge Ave Albany, New York - Helderberg

    I have reported this issue to the mayors office and the Building Department Multiple times. WHY IS MR DUKER ALLOWED TO DO WORK WITHOUT PERMITS?

    He has done electrical plumbing and heating, moved walls around and has done exterior work. I have called multiple times and he only has a repair permit! We as concerned neighbors would like to know WHY! . I have spoke with all my neighbors and WE ARE CONCERNED! The contractors have let me in and that place has had a COMPLETE RENOVATION!

  • Tree Issues Archived
    17 Harris Ave Albany 12208 United States - Helderberg
    Hi - about 2 years ago I had requested that the tree in my front yard be removed. After all it is the city’s tree because it is in very bad shape. The tree has not continued to get better. In fact it is much worse. Please PLEASE come and take the tree down before it falls on my house with the next wind storm.
  • Illegal Trash Archived
    Dana Avenue Albany, New York - Park South
    All up and down Dana Avenue there is illegal trash stored in front of homes. It creates issues with vermin, animals tearing into the bags, smells, insects and a general run down look that is unneccessary. This is reported over and over, but either people are not fined or don't care (like the many absentee landlords with deep pockets who escape any real accountability) . This leaves other residents and property owners at the mercy of the situation. This would not be allowed in more affluent areas. Why is it continually allowed on Dana Ave and Morris St.?
  • 243 Morris St Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    some kids were riding their bikes down the middle of the street, asked if they could have food because they “haven’t eaten today.” and the ride off yelling obsenities Is expect from a high schooler, not an elementary student. It’s dangerous too that they were just riding in the middle of the road. Is there a number specific service the city provides that directs kids to make better choices and not (sexually!!) harass people in the street, check to see if they are really hungry?
  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    804 Madison Ave Albany 12208, United States - Pine Hills
    Multiple cars parked directly in bike lane
  • 163 Dana Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Park South
    I've been observing significant drug traffic at 163 Dana Ave 2nd floor apartment. It is usually a whole ordeal that I've witnessed a few times now, the old man gets a ride over to Albany Med by ambulance, comes home a few days later with what a intelligent human being could assume are pain killers or other OTC drugs and then the traffic starts coming at all hours! I have pictures of a mailman going in for more than 15 mins, that's no delivery and it was hours before we get our mail in this area of the city! I also called the postmaster that day and reported that mailman (thanks to the number on the van) I haven't seen him around anymore. City officials and police have been called to no avail! When they come they usually park in the Albany Medical Center parking lot that's on Robin Street between Dana Ave and Morris Ave, could we maybe get more patrols in this area? Please help!
  • Se C/O Cardinal & New Scotland Albany, New York - New Scotland
    The grass is over 1 foot high. There was black plastic sheeting on the roof, but it tore in last windstorm and is now hanging down. House is an eyesore. Owned by bank But the b and still needs to maintain it.
  • 251 S Main Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - New Scotland
    The timing on this light recently changed and the traffic now gets backed up on S. Main during a red light for about 10 cars, even during "off-traffic" hours. The light seems inordinately lengthy.