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  • Parking Enforcement Acknowledged
    804 Madison Ave Albany 12208, United States - Pine Hills
    Multiple cars parked directly in bike lane
  • 279 New Scotland Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - New Scotland
    unregistered vacant building. please cite
  • Pothole Archived
    12-998 Notre Dame Dr Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Albany

    Hi. There is now a terrible pothole on Notre Dame Ave, right in front of Albany Law School, that blew my tire when I hit it this morning. Due to the pothole being filled with water, I was unable to see how deep it was and thus did not try hard enough to avoid it. I probably hit it at 10-15 mph. I'll be going back out at lunch time in order to change the tire. This will likely cost me over $100 for a new tire.

    When discussing this with a few members of class before class started, I learned that another classmate had also just had the same experience at about the same time. I have no idea if any other students had the same experience, but in an otherwise random group of 10-15 people, we had two flat tires. I want to bring this to your attention so that it can be fixed ASAP. Thanks!

  • Graffiti Archived
    1-5 Berkshire Blvd Albany, NY 12208, USA - New Scotland
  • 351 South Main Avenue Albany, New York - Whitehall
    6ft private fence on corner lot property. This violates city code.
  • 135 South Lake Albany, New York - Pine Hills

    Please. I'm begging at this point. I can't take County Waste showing up this often this early.

    I feel like I haven't been clear before. I am not complaining about curbside pickups. Instead they are backing into my driveway and then emptying my neighbors commercial dumpsters. The truck is literally so close to my bed that I can touch it from my window.

    Please help me get a nights sleep. I've tried talking to them and they just don't care. This is unlivable and I am at my wits end.

  • 644 Madison Ave Albany 12208 United States - Park South
    Front facade and columns are in need of repair. It’s becoming an eyesore.
  • 187 Dana Avenue Albany, NY 12208, United States of America - Park South
    Someone riding an ATV is shooting up Robin and over Dana just now.
  • 509 Morris St Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    Property is in horrendous condition. Porch roof deteriorating and pieces are loose right above steps. Front steps unsafe, wooden porch rotting and piled with trash.
  • Woodlawn And Edison Ave Albany New York - New Scotland

    There is a colony of approx 15-20 feral cats in the Woodlawn/South Main/Oakwood area is becoming a serious problem. Last Spring we caught 3 kittens that were brought to the humane society but something else needs to be done. A female got into a space under my porch and had three kittens last week which we now have to deal with. We have seen anther liter of kittens nearby as well. Some evening they can be heard fighting and one was seriously injured and bled on our porch before running away.

    If it were only a few cats I would attempt to trap and bring to the humane society but the issue has grown too out of hand for one person to handle.

  • 105-167 Sycamore St Albany, NY 12209, USA - Whitehall
    Storm drains at Hackett and Sycamore have a strong bad odor.
  • 10a Dana Ave Albany, New York - Park South
    I've contacted SCF about this before. The tenants at 10A Dana Ave are blaring music. It's 2am. I've tried contacting them directly. Our landlord has tried contacting them. Can anything be done? I don't want them evicted. I just want them to respect the noise ordinance.