Ward 3

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  • Health Hazard Archived
    1020 Bedford Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Tenants are piling up garbage at the back of house and along garage. It has been like this for weeks. Neighbors can't enjoy their yards because of the stench..walk up driveway to get better view. Also many windows in this home broken out and shards of glass visible in windows, many small children in this home
  • 331 Broad Avenue Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The occupant who is staying inside there named Cliff is sawing n hammering. Sick n tired of the noises n when you call canton pd they tell him to stop but he restarts a short time later. Can't keep bugging canton pd. The city needs to take action on this matter asap. Drugs being sold out of it 24/7.. Little kids inside house 24/7.. This house is becoming a nuisance to all surrounding neighbors. Hopefully someone can ask neighbors around this property what all they hear n see. Reported the drug sales to a k9 cop n to stark county sheriff's office tip line over a month n half ago. All lights are on except rooms that they put up different things to block seeing thru. House is worse now then before occupied
  • Health Hazard Archived
    916 Bedford Ave Sw Canton 44710, United States - Canton
    07172018 - Observed trash and debris. Order needed. /// DT
  • Health Hazard Archived
    3215 11th St Sw - Canton
    03132019 - Received complaint for trash and debris. IN needed. /// DT
  • 634 Maryland Ave Sw - Canton
    This property has had an ongoing issue with this flooding from defective and inoperable spouting and downspouts. This is flooding into the neighboring driveway and basement. This is a rental and has been an ongoing issue. Please follow through with having fixed. Has not been fixed in the past when they said it was. Thank you
  • Zoning Questions Acknowledged
    1020 Bedford Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This house needs to be inspected. There is no way it can pass zoning laws. Many broken windows with pieces of glass hanging from them....many children in this home. The inside is a fire hazard. Trash stacked everywhere. Tried to find landlord name and number to have them take a look but did not have any luck. This house is just a mess.... please have a building/zoning inspector look into this!!
  • 2613 Fremont Pl Sw Canton, OH 44710, USA - Canton
    property looks like a scrap yard, and a landfill.
  • 4330 3rd Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This was reported last year. Sidewalk is a mess. Water runs off 3rd NW and pools where sidewalk is located. Lack of curb/berm contributes to this. Also, residents across the street make u-turns further deteriorating concrete and gravel.
    The water collects in a pond and instead of flowing down roadway, the water flows down neighbors sidewalk to the east.
    4330 is a rental unit owned by E Brown Properties LLC Canton, Oh.
  • 647 Arlington Ave S.W Canton, Ohio - Canton
    trim windows doors etc needs painted cod violation loose brick on porch porch needs redone
  • Health Hazard Archived
    2516 11th St Sw Canton, OH 44710, USA - Canton
    junk and trash all over rear of property needs removed.
  • 825 Linwood Ave Sw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This house is nothing but an issue. The tenants do not care to maintain the property. there is a large chunk of spouting falling off the back of the house. trash all over the property - including the back yard and the front porch. vines growing all over front of the house. small trees sprouting in the gutters. trash is always brought to the street multiple days before trash pick up.
  • 1034 Clarendon Ave Sw Canton, OH 44710, USA - Canton
    Semi tractor parking in residential area this needs to stop.