Melrose (26x), Oakland

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  • High Street @ San Leandro St Oakland, California - Melrose
    Intersection desperately needs turn signals to control traffic and
    ease the traffic jam. On many occasions I've set through 2 light changes before I could continue to proceed straight due to vehicles making left turns. I've witnessed several near misses when vehicles cut through the service station on the corner to get to the High Street bridge. This is a potentially dangerous intersection. Turn signals were installed on 85th Ave and
    San Leandro St after numerous accidents and it really helped
    control traffic and I'm sure saved lives.
  • Dumping Acknowledged
    1033 44th Avenue Oakland, California - Melrose
    Garbage auto, alot of wood.
  • 800-892 47th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Melrose
    There is an RV that has been parked in this location for over a week selling what seems to be stolen bicycles.
  • 928 High St Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Melrose
    There is a serious need for a left turn signal at High St and San Leandro St. NW-bound traffic in curbside lane it totally out of sight to SE-bound drivers needing to turn left onto High St. It is difficult, scary, and dangerous to navigate this movement, and a L turn must surely be warranted her. Please see attached video.
  • 801-893 47th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Melrose
    RV is back selling drugs and stolen bicycles and bringing foot traffic to the area. There is also a white truck (pictured) which continues to show up and stays for hours while doing drugs in the front cab.
  • 800-892 47th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Melrose
    Sewage leaking from RV on corner of 47th & San Leandro
  • 800-892 47th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Melrose
    Mattresses, trash etc. a suspected prostitute was living here and has decided to take shop elsewhere please clean up ASAP
  • 4700 East 12th Street Oakland, California - Melrose
    Over the last couple of the days, there has been a tent stand and a bunch of bicycles tires and/or parts blocking the sidewalk. There is also giant pile of stuff covered with a blue tarp just sitting on the corner of 48th Ave and E 12th St. There is also porta potty there. I'm not sure if someone is living there, but all that stuff is blocking the sidewalk and no one can even park on that side of the street.
  • 850 47th Avenue Oakland, California - Coliseum Industrial
    RV loaded with stolen bikes has set up a permanent home at the end of the street, with patio furniture, waste, junk etc. There is human waste in buckets (toxic) and people coming and going and harassing residents of nearby apartments. There are several cars now parked permanently around it. Can we not doing something about this already? I've reported it several times this has been a problem for several months.
  • 47th Avenue And San Leandro Street Alameda, California - Melrose
    Off corner near Bart track pillar, lots of garbage and bike parts on the sidewalk and greenbelt next to two campers.
  • 800-892 47th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Melrose
    This man is living out of his trailer and running an illegal car repair business on our public street. Revving engines of cars late into the night and dumping toxic waste. Please see video
  • 800-892 47th Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Melrose
    Hazardous waste and other soiled sundries.