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  • 87 Tulip Street Summit, New Jersey - Summit
    The Brayton Elementary School fence surrounding the playground on the corner of Tulip & Ashland is broken, rusty, and poses a real danger to the students of the school. It needs to be replaced ASAP.
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    26 Kent Place Boulevard Summit, New Jersey - Summit
    The crossing between Norwood avenue and Deforest avenue is deadly. Both my husband and I almost got run over by cars several times while crossing. There are many children crossing this road everyday, and this is very dangerous, Need immediate installation of red signal for alerting motorists for crossing pedestrians. or at least working street lights to show there are pedestrians crossing this section.
  • 179 Ashland Road Summit, New Jersey - Summit
    The 25MPH speed limit is not enforced on Ashland Road from Pine Grove to Elm Place. Vehicles approach this area at a significant rate of speed and do not brake to slow when reaching the speed limit sign at Pine Grove. There are 2 schools on Ashland Rd and numerous children who walk to these schools as well as to the Middle School; they and the crossing guards are in constant danger from these speeding vehicles.
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    512 Springfield Avenue Summit, New Jersey - Summit
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    11 Briant Pkwy Summit, NJ 07901, USA - Summit
  • 3 Linden Place Summit, New Jersey - Summit

    Just curious - Police vehicles that are stationed near work sites always have their engine running. Why? Seems to me that's a waste of gas (and taxpayer money), and it pollutes the air in the area. I suspect "it's policy," What's the rationale? Can it be reconsidered?

    David Kristol

  • 74 Kent Place Boulevard Summit, New Jersey - Summit
    Tree limbs have fallen and are leaning on electrical wires. Power will be lost soon if the limbs are not cut. Cars are having difficulty passing the limbs.
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    608 Springfield Avenue Summit, NJ - Summit
    lawn & 1 sprinkler head damage from storm debris removal
  • 12 Sheffield Road Summit, New Jersey - Summit
  • 16 Sayre St Summit, NJ 07901, USA - Summit
    "Slow Down Kids Playing" sign posted underneath 3 Hour Time Zone sign.
  • 34 Pine Grove Avenue Summit, New Jersey - Summit
    The man hole located outside the drive of 34 Pine Grove Avenue was not properly replaced when some did some maintenance yesterday (8/22/18). As a result, each time a car drives over the cover it makes a VERY LOUD KNOCKING sound which we can hear inside the house through out the night. Please can you have someone fix this so the man hole cover does not rock inside the frame. Thank you. David Abel
  • 15 Norwood Ave Summit, New Jersey - Summit
    Round piece of garbage remains on grass next to sidewalk between 15&25 Norwood after a number of weeks. Wood, table top-like trash