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Someone that is concerned about her area.

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  • 3237-4699 Dura Avenue Toledo, Ohio - Toledo
    100's of semi trucks and cars pass on this road each day. All traffic incoming and outgoing uses the North side of the road because the South has been impassable for years. Now the North side is arguably worse than the South. It is causing maintenance costs on my fleet of trucks as well as making it very difficult to lease my property. Please send someone to survey our road as it is so bad and needs to be addressed for a long term solution. My business as well all the business on Dura pay taxes to the city and we deserve to have this looked at as something more than sending a contracted asphalt co. out to patch what has been patched and patched for years with no real relief in the road being suitable.
  • 3719 Bowen Road TOLEDO, OH - Deveaux
    Bad potholes on the right and left and in the center. The day I reported this problem, you came out and placed 2 orange cones in a couple potholes and gave us hope that someone in the city was listening and cared. But guess what? You NEVER returned to fix a single thing or informed us of any "plan" you might have in the works. There are potholes all over Bowen Rd. beginning at the 3700 block and going towards Monroe Street. They get worse the further you go down towards Monroe Street. They are damaging our cars and causing injury to people on bikes. This is a cut through street that sees a lot of traffic, including school buses, and it has been neglected by the city for decades. You completely repaved a small portion of Bowen going towards Sylvania Avenue but totally ignored the rest of the road. As a neighborhood that works hard to take care of the property here, we are baffled by the lack of attention to the road. Please try to do something soon. Thank you.
  • 1645 Kedron St Toledo, OH, 43605, USA - East Toledo
    Digging up the front yard with a bobcat, possibly putting a parking lot in. No permits posted, all done on the down low over the weekend. Totally illegal in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Dumped dirty fill , and stones all over the front yard.
  • 321 N Superior St Toledo, OH 43604, USA - City Center
  • 363 Langdon Street Toledo, Ohio - South Side
    Broken, chipped, twisted, sharp and unsafe curbs, street, & sidewalks! I have reported this for over the last ten years every year and periodically repeatedly before that! on Langdon Street from South Avenue to WESTERN Avenue!!
  • 405 Dura Ave Toledo, Ohio - Toledo
    Someone has dumped the garbage and debri on our Street! They Righthand lane is blocked and traffic has to go around. This looks like it happened sometime Sunday night.
  • 1740 Tremainsville Rd Toledo, OH, 43613, USA - Deveaux
    so they did a cheap patch job when this really needa to be gutted,releveled,and repaved
  • 1803 Mansfield Rd Toledo, OH 43613, USA - Deveaux
    Mattresses piles of trash sitting at side garage on sidewalk with passer by and trashy neighbors adding to the pile that's been there since last fall.. You'd think a city supervisor could take note when they drive by.
  • 1136 Halstead St Toledo, OH 43605 - East Toledo
    trash and yard needs cleaned up, been a on going issue for over 3 years, city of toledo has done nothing, ( shame on the inspectors)now we have rats
  • 363 Langdon Street Toledo, Ohio - South Side
    No gutter's on left side of makeshift fence on left side of house done with no permit.unsafe! Tarpaper covering old shutters that have chipping led paint.horrible garage and shed foundation falling apart.
  • Marne Ave Toledo, Ohio - Deveaux
    There is a lot of traffic on Marne Ave. between Upton & Jackman due to the x-way exit 19 and ProMedica. Shortly after these potholes are filled in they are back because of all the traffic. It seems like a waste of money when obviously this is not working
  • W. Bowen And Laskey Toledo, Ohio - Deveaux
    This is a small stretch of road with many potholes and hasn't been corrected properly in over two years. Please check this area.