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  • Nudity Archived
    Beecher Street New Haven, CT - Seymour
    There has been a young man walking around in his underwear at night for at least the last week. Last night he was standing in the middle of the street screaming nude. 2nd house in on left on Beecher and Concord. Please address this.
  • 29-45 Maple St Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    City officials, please take notice of the un-shoveled sidewalks at this address. This is a serious hazard for local residents.
  • 11 Walter Rd Seymour Ct - Seymour
    on 1-14-09 jeff simmons was working on a dark red nissan in can clearly see that every time he works on a car it is not the same one.this means that this guy is running a repair shop out of there which is a zoning violation nor does he have a repair license.why is this guy being allowed to do pickup still parked on property with out of state plates on it.this truck has been here for 4 months ctdv laws are after 90 days this truck must be registerd in ct.also green truck is still on property unregiterd.when my cars registration runs out im going to let it sit on my property to if he can do it so could i.ctmv laws and zoning ordinances should apply to this person to.look at seymour town halls website it has a picture of first selectman and he says great town to live in thats a lie.the town needs too do there job and fix the problem.
  • 27 Evening Star Drive Seymour, CT - Seymour
    I have spotted this friendly gentleman (I believe) several evenings outside my home. He is vocal and enjoys being petted, but not interested in being picked up.
  • soil in brook Archived
    168 Bungay Road Seymour, CT - Seymour
    a newly landscaped lawn has topsoil being washed into the nearby brook no hay bales or plastic barriers-Problem fixed-Thanks
  • 11 Walter Rd Seymour Ct - Seymour
    another zoning violation working on somebodys car in garage that was flatbeded to house plate #191waw
  • 11 Walter Rd Seymour Ct - Seymour
    the town of seymour should be fining this guy 100$ a day for having this unregisterd truck on property just like it was posted in the news paper.these fines apply to every body.just because its in the garage it is still on property unregisterd.first selectman should not put stuff like this in paper if he cannot or will not enforce it this is a waste of time and peoples tax your job mr first selectman the job that us taxpayers pay you to do witch this person does not
  • zoning Archived
    11 Walter Rd CT 06483 - Seymour
    coming down walter rd today and i see a-1
    sealcoating doing road repair work his truck blocking one of the lanes illegally with no police on site they were on the side of the street pacthing the side of the road about a 20 foot area why is a-1 sealcoat working on town roads this is public works job this guy does not have the permits to do this then town needs to fine a-1 sealcoat for doing this illegall work to the road these people do not own the road the town needs to come out here needs to come out here and inspect this since this work was done on town property the town is resposible if someone falls or a car hits this pacth also this tanker was here yesturday hosing down the tanker this a dep violation home owner needs to be fined for not pulling the propere permitts bob you need to stop this
  • 8 Walter Road Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    the grass at this house is totaly over grown. The house is vacant it seems to be now owned by Bank America. The town needs to take corrective action now. This over grown grass and weeds are leading to rats, skinks and mice all over the place. The Grass is almost 15 inches over growen. This is leading to devaluation of the neighborhood. Town of Seymour please take notice
  • Grand Street Wood Street seymour , connecticut - Seymour
    all of wood street is all caving in and it is very dangerous has sink holes everywhere. grand street is also very bad especially near wood street area big hole on corner afraid cars are gonna get lost in hole.
  • 842 Derby Avenue Seymour, Connecticut - Valley Council of Governments
    Rowdy gang of inebriated movie goers , pack of 3 males and a moll, informed the owners , actually there was no need as they were well aware of their transgressions , The nasty group parked their car way down past the tire store ,at the end of the lot - They knew they were up to no good
  • 115-139 State Highway 115 Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    cars going wrong way on Bank St, turning onto Bank St from Main St, across from the train station, at least once a day. This is in the center of downtown Seymour. The road needs to be marked better because people are not seeing the one way sign. The other day 2 cars in a matter of minutes went up the one way.