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  • 25 Science Park New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Please post no parking signs to block 20-30 feet on each side of the driveway. This is a very blind exit that is extremely dangerous.
  • 68 Mansfield Street New Haven, ct - Dixwell
    Every week residents at Yale apartments at 68 Mansfield Street put their garbage out sloppily, not properly separating recycling, and just throwing bits of food and household trash on the ground. With last week's wind half of it ended up blown around the whole neighborhood. Yale needs to teach people who rent it's housing the rules for handling garbage.
  • Goffe Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    Along the entire 1.25 mile length of Goffe Street from Broadway Downtown to Osborn in Beaver Hills, only a dozen frequently used on-street parking spaces would need to removed in order to accommodate dedicate bike lanes along both sides of the street. The parking loss, however, would come to an area that has seen a large increase in off-street surface parking lots in recent years. Goffe Street, one of the oldest routes in New Haven dating back to the aboriginal habitation of the area, connects Downtown to Westville through the Dixwell and Beaver Hills neighborhoods. Dedicated bike lanes could help calm traffic, connect neighborhoods and schools, improve safety for all road users, encourage more active recreation in the area, and be included with targeted public and private investments in surrounding streetscapes - all with little to no impact on automotive facilities.

    With enough interest, this issue could be further studied by the City and potentially come to fruition as funding becomes available from State, Federal, and local sources.

    For more information on how dedicated bike lanes along Goffe Street might look, see here:

  • Scantlebury Park - Monterey Place
    Cars and motorcycles driving into park on grass, jumping curb, ignoring no parking signs, and driving around concrete jersey barriers to enter park
  • 26 Compton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Can’t walk by on my way to class because this crazy lady decides to park on the sidewalk in a driveway Green Honda EVERYDAY BLOCKING THE WAY TO WALK BY I RIDE MY BIKE AND MAY WALK AS WELL BUT HAVE TO GO INTO THE STREET TO PASS AND WHEN I TRIED TO EXPLAIN TO HER SHE WAS BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK HER AND HER KIDS GOT BELIGERENT 3 weeks later I’m reporting her and those nasty kids attitude!!!!!!!
  • Woodland Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    A number of residents have noticed that there is an increase in street drug sales on Woodland Street. Cars pull up and wait, and different people, usually on foot or bicycle, go up to them and complete the sale. We don't call the police, because there's not much they can do after the fact, but over the long term we hope they can do something.
  • 45 Woodland St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dixwell

    Illegal use of rental apartments as AirBNB.

    This entrepreneur has set up a service, RERENT, where he handles Yale grad students' sub-rentals of their apartments, regardless of the fact that it almost always violates their rental contract, and turns the building into a de facto "tourist hotel", for which it has no operating permit.

    Last night at 10 PM, 3 AirBNB clients tried to force their way into my front door, thinking it was the AirBnB at 45 Woodland Street! The brilliant Yale entrepreneur, of course, was nowhere around. How about if I wanted to monetize HIS peace of mind and the sanctity of HIS home? Another brilliant market plan.

  • 87-105 Sachem Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Please bring back the STOP sign at corner of Winchester and Sachem. There is bicycle traffic entering and exiting the Farmington Canal Trail here, and the pedestrian crosswalk does not provide enough protection. Cars traveling from Winchester used to have to come to a full stop, now they barely slow down if there is no pedestrian in crosswalk. This creates unsafe conditions for bike cross-traffic.
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    44 Winchester Avenue New Haven, connecticut - Dixwell
    Received 6 letters from City of New Haven, Receivables Collection Unit listing the names of 6 individuals who do not and have never lived at my address. (I returned to sender). My neighbor received 4. I am concerned that others are using my address and others to secure parking permits. There are quite a number of vehicles who somehow have secured visitor permits who clearly work in the area and I am very concerned. Is there any way to validate?
  • 118 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    The homeowner who had the handicapped sign sold the house on 01/09/2018 (book and pg. no. 9666/ 307).
    How much time has to go by before the city removes the two screws that hold the handicapped sign on? This is the third notification. We need to be able to park!
  • 148 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Two cars with Virginia plates have been parking in front of 128 and 138 Mansfield Street with old Zone 7 permits from 2 previous years, for the past two weeks One of them, VA KHY-5758, has now decided to park in the "No Standing" zone at the corner of Woodland and Mansfield, making it difficult to make the turn. What is wrong with people_
  • 87-105 Sachem Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    A stop sign is desperately needed on Sachem at Winchester. There used to be a sign there, but it was removed before construction of the Yale colleges began. A few injuries have been reported at this corner, and a number of people have complained about the need for a stop sign on SCF for several years, but this has been ignored. No one understands why such an easy fix is so hard.