LCI - Dixwell PLUS

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  • Trash & Recycling Acknowledged
    93 Winchester Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Is it legal to post commercial signs on utility polls? Because if not, someone should call Bob and let him know; his number is 203-903-4090. I found an earlier complaint where it was suggested that Public Works might arrange to meet with Bob and hand him a fine -- either that never happened or Bob didn't learn his lesson. ( )
  • 19 - 21 Tilton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    At 19 - 21 Tilton Street, the totes remain on the sidewalk 24/7. A full day after trash and recycle pick-up, the totes remain, as they will for. Ever. Every house on this small street has put away their totes except this house.

    We call on the city to issue a fine so that our little street will look as good as it can (minus street repairs).

    Thank you.

  • 45 Woodland Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Cars still parked on Woodland Street 12 hours after the ban.
  • 46 Mansfield New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    The owner of 46 Mansfield has, once again, blown all his yard clippings into the street. The street was swept this week, and will not be swept until next month, and he has made it look like crap. He also does this in the fall with the leaves. Can the city do anything to stop this? It's SO inconsiderate to the rest of us who try to keep things clean, and who don't throw our mess into the public space.
  • 17 Tilton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Bulk items on this street at several location.
  • 157 Winchester Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Blight, blight, blight. The lot in back of the liquor store is never kept clean. The owners just walk through the litter week after week, but never pick it up. Construction debris has been piled up for more than a year, weeds are never removed, and discarded food scraps (a whole loaf of bread????) are scattered around on the ground. This is an ongoing problem for years. Why is the city powerless to make people keep their property clean?
  • Potholes Archived
    2–38 Charles St New Haven 06511, United States - Dixwell
    Previous patch falling apart in front of 23 Charles
  • 45 Woodland Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Car on odd side of Woodland Street at Winchester, blocking plow from cleaning the corner. Same car as other snowstorms.
  • 43 Woodland St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dixwell
    It's why they do it. Because they know the city is dysfunctional.
  • Signs Acknowledged
    34 Woodland Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    The Zone 7 signs and the no parking here to corner signs have not been replaced after sidewalk replacement. Now people are parking next to the corner, and it is going to cause an accident, because you can't see to the left on Winchester when you turn.
  • 68 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    There is no place for residents us to park in the first long stretch of Mansfield from Sachem. Almost all of the cars are "visitors", although they only visit during working hours, and seem to be visiting people who live in the Yale residential colleges where no one lives.
    There are also a number of cars that aren't even pretending, and have no kind of permit at all.
    What is the city's plan to stop this kind of abuse? We would really like to hear how they are going to solve it, because sporadic ticketing doesn't do it. They need to CHANGE the system of visitor permits to stop the misuse.
  • 49 Winchester Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dixwell