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  • 43 Woodland Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Just when I had hoped LCI had convinced the owners of 45 Woodland to stop storing or dumping garbage against the wall of my house, last night at 3:30 AM the people who came to remove snow piled 3 feet of it against the wall. I have already spent about $1100 repairing that wall from the damage caused when garbage cans, trash, and snow, create moisture that damages the cement blocks. PLEASE get them to stop!
  • 41 Woodland Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Congratulations! The investor/owners of 41 Woodland Street have been voted Least Likely to Maintain their Yard, for the second year running. Frankly, the ugliest, most unkempt place on the block, which makes fools of all the rest of us that try to keep things nice. Last year they never raked leaves once, this year they have never trimmed the weeds. And what does the city do to change this behavior? Uh, duh, well, uh,...
  • Vacant Property On The Other Side Of 215 Winchester New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Weeds five feet tall also an impediment to walking on the sidewalk
  • Graffiti Archived
    101 Ashmun Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    Negative racial graffiti located on the Canal Line behind 344 Winchester. I'm requesting that it be cleaned/covered up. The graffiti says:

    "No Whites Allowed!" Blue spray paint
    "We Rob the Yalies." Blue spray paint
    "Get out whites." Black spray paint

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

  • Potholes Archived
    Winchester Avenue New Haven, CT 06511:06517, United States of America - Dixwell
    This whole block is developing major potholes.
  • 46 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Every day the people in this house start piling up trash and recycling in front of the house. Garbage is usually not even bagged right, and recycling is just thrown around. This is most days of the week that we get the pleasure of looking at their garbage. There isn't too much yet, because it is only two days after garbage pickup. Just wait...
  • Pavement Markings Acknowledged
    95–99 Ashmun St New Haven 06511, United States - Dixwell
    We could really use a crosswalk to move across Ashmun at Lock Street (see photo). Since the new colleges opened, there has been a big increase in foot traffic from this area heading toward the law school, Payne Whitney gym, Broadway shops, etc. Every day I watch dozens of pedestrians cross wherever they can find an opening in traffic. Would be much safer to just install a crosswalk
  • 172 Mansfield St New Haven 06511 United States - Dixwell
    This sidewalk area is unkempt and difficult to pass. Leaves and debris cover most of the sidewalk (leftover from the fall) and the bushes extend out into the sidewalk making it difficult to pass. The section is on the side of a corner lot and is not well cared for by the owner.
  • Potholes Archived
    Tilton St. New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    Please, please, PLEASE include Tilton St. in the spring repaving cycle. The road is in tatters and pothole patching is no longer a viable solution. The street scrapes up the bottom of vehicles and makes biking dangerous. It's a short residential street, and desperately needs repaving so that personal vehicles, Yale shuttle, school buses, and bicyclists can use it safely.

    Tilton is a vibrant street: we have families, children, young professionals, graduate students, and empty-nesters. We are so proud to live on Tilton, and we want our road to be safe and neighborhood-friendly!

  • 2-16 Winchester Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    I have called both NH Transportation and NHPD to report that the stop sign that was at the corner of Winchester and Sachem has been removed. This needs to be corrected asap as it is a heavily used pedestrian crosswalk!
  • 58 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    The tenants at 58 Mansfield Street have not removed their garbage or recycling bins from the curb since the end of MAY, 2017. They are so lazy, they just fill the bins where they are, and then leave them there. FOUR MONTHS? REALLY?
  • 55 Lock Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    We came across a groundhog that was frantically wandering in the street near Yale Health. Apparently someone had stopped and taken its baby into a car, so it was confused and panicked. It is unlikely anything can be done, but we thought it worth posting to SCF that people should not take wild animals!