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  • 118 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    The homeowner who had the handicapped sign sold the house on 01/09/2018 (book and pg. no. 9666/ 307).
    How much time has to go by before the city removes the two screws that hold the handicapped sign on? This is the third notification. We need to be able to park!
  • 44 Tilton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    This Pike International property has once again become a growing dump with animals burrowing into the trash. It’s a health menace and an unsightly scene.

    Please have this removed at once. Also, on the western side of the property are mattresses, ladders, plywood and other crapola.

    Departing tenants told us there are fire code and health code violations throughout the building. This must be investigated.

  • Potholes Archived
    30-36 Winchester Ave New Haven Ct 06511 United States - Dixwell
    This stretch of road is covered in potholes. Please repair. Cold patch does not stick - it needs to be dug up and patched.
  • Tilton St. New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REPAVE TILTON STREET. It is dangerous to bicyclists, scrapes up the bottom of vehicles, and is in too bad of shape to be "patched up." We've been reporting this for the past several years.

    Interestingly, I looked back through SeeClickFix issues and found road repave requests dating back to 2013.

  • 41 Woodland Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Congratulations! The investor/owners of 41 Woodland Street have been voted Least Likely to Maintain their Yard, for the second year running. Frankly, the ugliest, most unkempt place on the block, which makes fools of all the rest of us that try to keep things nice. Last year they never raked leaves once, this year they have never trimmed the weeds. And what does the city do to change this behavior? Uh, duh, well, uh,...
  • 56 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    We really don't understand why the owner of 56 Mansfield Street doesn't understand that you can't clean your property of leaves by just blowing them somewhere else. Once again, he has blown them all into the street. It just isn't very nice.
    Unfortunately, the only thing that will work in New Haven is to give people tickets.
  • 6–20 Webster St New Haven 06511, United States - Monterey Place
    Dear Parking Enforcement: Every time there is an event at Scantlebury Park, we end up with cars parked illegally on both sides of Webster Street between Ashmun & Winchester. Does the city suspend the on-street parking laws during an event at the park? I sure hope not. What if we have a fire at one of the homes on this street? What if emergency equipment needs to get through - what then? Yes, I called the NHPD and reported it... but the cars are still there.
  • 55 Lock Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    We came across a groundhog that was frantically wandering in the street near Yale Health. Apparently someone had stopped and taken its baby into a car, so it was confused and panicked. It is unlikely anything can be done, but we thought it worth posting to SCF that people should not take wild animals!
  • 81 Winchester New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    About 10 years ago we tried to get LCI to deal with the abandoned ruin next to 79 Winchester. They said it was not in danger of collapse, so they couldn't do anything.
    The roof has now been collapsed for several years, so why can't the city require the owners to either repair it, or take it over itself and demolish it? We have never understood why it takes New Haven decades to follow up on this kind of blight, and would love an answer to help us understand.
  • 68 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Yale construction workers pull up at 68 Mansfield street every day and park all day using Zone 7 visitor tags illegally. White work van uses visitor tag, other car and pickup truck have no tags at all.
  • 56 Mansfield Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell

    Well, he's at it again. The property owner cleans his yard by blowing everything across the street (Sunday, 10/14/2018). The owner, who works in real estate with CBRE New England, has been doing the same thing for a few years, and the city is unwilling to do anything about it, in spite of complaints from the neighbors every year.

    What would it take for the city to give this guy a ticket, so he acts more civilly?

  • Dixwell Ave & Henry St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dixwell
    Tree limbs are blocking view of the street signal lights when driving from Hillhouse HS toward the Yale Science Center on Henry Street. I cannot see the signal light as I approach the Dixwell intersection until the last second.