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  • Potholes Archived
    405-427 Norton Parkway New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Needs filling!
  • Branch Archived
    121 Bellevue Road New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    The branch over the electrical lines seems that it will fall off in the near future. Please cut it.
  • 1532 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports that toters are in front of this property all week.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    1500 Ella Tgrasso Blvd New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Tree Is completely Dead. A sign was posted on 5/1/2016 and since then it has become extremely hazardous. Tree needs to come down.
  • 932 Elm St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    We have 2 Recycling containers that have no lids. The guys that collect the garbage asked me to ask for new ones because the rain and snow that gets in the cans makes it difficult for them to empty the cans. Thank you
  • 376 Winthrop Ave New Haven CT 06511, United States - Edgewood
    Yet another automobile accident at this intersection. They happen every couple of months, good weather or bad. Either put up a blinker, a stop sign, or a real traffic light. Someone will get seriously hurt sooner or later. Last winter someone knocked down the telephone pole here.
  • Whalley Ave New Haven, CT, USA - Beaver Hills
    There will be a temporary parking ban posted on on the even side of Whalley Ave from Orchard St to Sherman Pkwy to install electrical duct banks on 10/18/2020, from 8pm-6am. Permit #RO-20-00414. Approximate end date is 10/22/2020
  • 82 Diamond Street New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
  • 175 Osborn Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports that there is a big tree limb hanging over residents driveway and its a safety hazard.
  • 740 Whalley Ave New Haven CT 06515, United States - New Haven
    There aregagressive bees on ftheootbridge near the tennis courts I was stung running over the bridge twice in the past week newn
  • 99 Goffee New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Car left in No Parking for several weeks
    white car
    CT license AB-45455
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    C/O Glen Rd & Colony Rd New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Resident called to report a huge 20 footer has fallen and needs to be picked up. Please assist.