LCI - Whalley/Edgewood/Beaver Hills PLUS

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Watching issues created after: 2016-05-17

Notified About

  • 27 Sperry St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dixwell
    There will be an Emergency Order No Parking ban on Friday, January 26th on both sides of 27 Sperry St. from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. due to excavation to repair water service.
  • 34 Pendleton Street New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
    Resident reports that trash was not collected at this location.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    600 Orchard Street New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    Resident reports that low hanging branch needs to be removed.
  • Osborn New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Osborn Avenue is being used as a cut off for school buses all week long. There are no children on this street who get picked up, but the buses absolutely fly down this street. They are using it as a cut off and the neighborhood is getting tired of this happening. This needs to stop.
  • 99 Osborn Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports lifted sidewalks at this location. Please inspect the sidewalk and schedule future repairs.
  • 26 Carmel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    There is still a pile of trash bags in front of across the street from 28 Carmel St
    When will these bags be picked up
  • 530 Norton Parkway New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Caller reports illegally dumped items at this location. Please investigate.
  • Street Lamp Archived
    Hubinger Street New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    Light is off.
  • 154 Bellevue Rd. New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Bulk Trash was left outside on the sidewalk.
  • 355 Whalley Avenue New Haven CT 06511 - Beaver Hills
    Trash all over lot including many nip bottles and empty cigarettes cartons purchased from this store. Trash extends to side of property and onto sidewalk and tree belt on Winthrop. Business owners don't seem interested in keeping property clean, only in selling alcohol to people who then loiter, drink, and urinate on property and leave trash behind! WHENEVER we finally get our LCI specialist, they need to put this on a list of top priority items to be addressed.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    970 Elm St New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood
  • 878 Elm Street New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    There is an illegally dumped pile at this location. Please investigate.