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  • 3342 Bridgeview Isle Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Under Bay Farm Bridge on the Alameda side.
  • Wine And Waffles 1505 Park St, Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    this issue has been repeatedly reported by various residents in the area for I believe the past couple of years now (possibly longer than that). APD have been conveniently closing these reports, all of which are essentially duplicates of the exact same issue, so that it looks like the city resolved the problem (despite the fact that they never actually did) and it doesn't even show up on the site anymore. This way, users have to report it all over again every half year or so as APD continue ignoring the problem and letting homeless take over the neighborhood. One homeless man in particular has been hovering around this block for at least a year now (maybe 2 years or even longer?) He has a habit of not wearing shoes so that people going to the restaurants in the area can enjoy the appetizing scent of his sweaty feet, coupled with the wonderful aroma of his urine and possibly other bodily fluids/various garbage that he and his fellow homeless friends so graciously donate to our island every day. Glad to know APD is still ignoring this issue even after years of repeated reports from God knows how many other neighbors. Great job! Keep up the fine work not enforcing any laws and letting criminals do whatever they want with impunity to our once-lovely island community!
  • 1501 Webster Street Alameda, California - Alameda

    There is ground in grease in numerous locations on the west side of Webster Street between Santa Clara Avenue and Haight Avenue. It is very dirty. Similar conditions exist along other stretches of Webster. How often is the street power washed or otherwise deep cleaned? It really needs a good scrubbing.

    Not sure which category this should have been filed under, so I used this one. There used to be a category of PW-Other, but that has been removed.

  • 1501 Buena Vista Avenue Alameda, California - Alameda

    An ongoing issue at Delmonte Werehouse located at 1501 Buena Vista Ave. Tractor and trailers operated by Oakland Transportation INC, CA# 0453410, are parked daily along Entrance Road. The commercial vehicles arrive at odd ours of the night. The vehicles often arrive betwen 10 pm and 12 AM, they resume operation between 4 am and 7 am.

    Alameda Police has been called on numerous occasions and have noted the vehicles are illegally parked, but on private property. No action is taken, the problem continues.

    Accoridng to Tim Lewis Home( current owners of the the Delmonts Werehouse) they are aware of the issue , but say Alameda will not allow them to erect fencing along Entrance road. In addition no parking signage is held up with the permit office.

    This has been going on for over two years and this is not the first posting regarding this issue. Entrance road is zoned as a “Residential Neighborhood”. The noise associated with this issue is disruptive, and their vehicles unslightly in a residential area.

  • 1337-1357 Marina Village Parkway Alameda, California - Alameda
    There is a homeless encampment near Mariner Square Drive and Marina Village Parkway. This site also has a mix of leashed and unleashed dogs.
  • 1000 Atlantic Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    I reported this issue on this website before, but since Seeclickfix has broken their website and made searching for issues impossible now as of yesterday and replaced the "issues" list with a broken google map that only loads like 5 issues before choking and failing, with absolutely no search function whatsoever, im reporting it again

    boom cars - aka vehicles with loud subwoofer systems - continue plaguing our peaceful island community and disturbing the peace in open violation of numerous county ordinances and state laws. APD is continuing to refuse to enforce these laws and let these lawbreakers abuse our community. please stop being corrupt and worthless and start citing the boom cars. thanks. counted like 50 of them coming down atlantic today.

  • 1422 3rd St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    We have lived on the corner of Third and Santa Clara since September, 2003. There seems to be a lot of buzz going around about installing stop signs, etc. on our corner. I agree with some of the open discussion, but not all, for various reasons which I will explain below. I think it's time I shared our ideas on what we think needs to happen outside our front door.

    This is a problem that we have been working on for 16 years with the City but the traffic situation is only getting worse. I have personally seen parents/drivers/students/neighbors driving too fast, many disregarding the STOP sign in front of 301 Santa Clara, high school kids walking down the middle of the street (before, during and after school), impatient parents blocking the intersections at Third/Santa Clara as well as Central/Third/Taylor, and speedsters racing up/down Third Street all day/night long, and weekends! I have personally witnessed accidents at both intersections and many near misses. It's annoying, frustrating, and dangerous.

    We asked the City to send out traffic control several years ago to monitor traffic patterns throughout the day to try to fix all the problems mentioned. I think that needs to be done again because we certainly have more traffic in the area these days and we haven't seen much improvement in traffic control and very rare speeding violations being ticketed.

    We asked for a traffic light to be installed at the corner of Central & Third to calm down the speeders that enter Third Street from that direction. That was not an option because of the cost and high number of buses running at the time. Currently, there are only 1-2 buses in the morning and afternoon so in my opinion this option should be revisited.

    A traffic light at Central and Third with clearly marked crosswalks is especially important for pedestrians trying to cross the streets in various directions. It's very dangerous the way it is set up now!

    Suggestions were made about adding a round-about at Central and Third to calm traffic before it spilled onto Third Street, but the buses wouldn't be able to maneuver through. I don't really believe that to be true but I'm not an expert on AC Transit.

    We further suggested speed bumps be installed at various locations (before all intersections) on Third Street from Central to Pacific to slow down speeders, but were advised that Third is a major thoroughfare on the West End for emergency vehicles and speed bumps would keep first responders from getting to/from emergencies in a timely manner, so no speed bumps or additional stop signs. I'm not sure if that is still the case.

    In my opinion, a key factor causing traffic in our area is that there are no clear markings or deterrents on Central to slow drivers down. I have almost been hit twice by cars going at a high rate speed, trying to pass me on the right as I turned right on to Third Street because they didn't see the triangle street marking indicating that it's a wide turn. That street marking is useless and most drivers ignore it anyway. Many drivers enter Third Street from Central at an already high rate of speed and head right up to Pacific with total disregard to speed limits and residential safety. It's a dangerous condition.

    Adding a stop sign at Third and Santa Clara as suggested by other residents will only back up traffic in the mornings and afternoons when kids are dropped off or picked.

    If drivers turn right on to Third from Central at a rate of speed are they really going to be able to stop in time at my corner or will they just blow through the intersection? It would be even worse on nights when there are games, etc., at the high school and on weekends when there are various activities scheduled. Cars can barely get through as it is and it is so congested that my car has been hit twice by parents trying to make U-turns on my corner! So, NO on a stop sign on our corner because that is not going to alleviate the speeding problem. Drivers need to be stopped before they enter Third Street from Central.

    As far as the inconsiderate and poor behavior of the high school students (including garbage thrown on our lawn, graffiti on our fences, vulgar language used, loitering, etc.) I'm not sure what to say. We have been putting up with them for 16 years. Some years are better than others. It all starts with behaviors learned at home and at school. If it is a serious problem for residents I suggest they call the Alameda Police Department or the principal at Encinal HS to file a complaint and/or request police escorts to get them through the neighborhood. That's what we have had to do in the past.

    My suggestions are these:

    1. Ask the City Manager to send out traffic control to conduct a new review of our traffic issues; 2. add a stop sign or traffic light at Central and Third to calm traffic before drivers enter from Central; 3. consider adding a round about at Central and Third as a option to slow down speeders; 4. add a stop sign at Third and Haight which is about halfway between Central and Pacific to slow down speeders; 5. add clear pedestrian markings on every corner on Third between Central and Appezzato Way; and, 6. clearly mark BIKE LANES on Third from Central to Appezzato Way. Use neon lines to indicate lanes not just the bike logos which are impossible to see at night. Take a look at the City of Copenhagen and their use of bike lanes to protect bikers, pedestrians, and auto traffic. If they can manage an entire City of bikers and pedestrians and keep them safe, we should be able to come up with a solution for 4 blocks on the West End.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to working with the City of Alameda and our neighbors to come up with a viable solution to all of our concerns.

  • 1200 Park St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Big Pro's conditional use permit was rescinded as of Sept 18. Big Pro as still operating at this location in violation of the city council's decision. The noise and pollution is extreme, bc Big Pro has the lot filled with 10 or 12 cars they are working on. They also use the sole handicapped spot to park the vehicles under repair or inspection, despite repeated requests by disabled customers that they let those with handicapped placards use that parking spot. Also, Big Pro is taking up all the nearby metered spots--without putting any money in the meters. Numerous call to the police non-emergency number have not resulted in any meter reader or officer showing up to ticket Big Pro, so they have no reason to put money in the meters or leave the handicapped spot free. Big Pro says they have no intention of leaving for many months, as their new location is not ready. (But they could easily work on cars outside with hand tools at their new lot, which has plenty of room for it, and they could send the cars that need a lift over to their Oakland location.) The owner of the property has no incentive to evict Big Pro, as he is getting double rent as long as Big Pro stays on, and he can't rent or sell this contaminated rope try to anyone else without an expensive environmental cleanup. If the city of Alameda doesn't get a court order requiring Big Pro to stop operating without the conditional use permit, Big Pro will be harming the neighborhood for another 6 to 18 months.
  • 2470 Constitution Way Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
    Under the constitution overpass
  • 1925 Sherman St Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
    Tent erected at Jean Sweeney Park
  • 1241 Park St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Graffiti on sign to Dimitri's sandwiches so thick it is difficult to read the sign. Also on utility box on the building.
  • 2901 Encinal Ave Alameda, California - Alameda

    Someone came outside and painted over the red curb again with gray colored paint, and moved a vehicle into the gray curbed area. The curb has always been red; but in the past, someone appears to have washed it away with paint thinner.

    Maybe you can consider a negotiation with the person that keeps doing this, so that feelings are not inflamed. Obviously the person feels that they have the right to use paint thinner and gray paint whenever they want.