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  • 3342 Bridgeview Isle Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Under Bay Farm Bridge on the Alameda side.
  • Webster St & Stargell Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    I saw 2 pitbulls at the encampment under the Constitution overpass (directly across from Stargell/Webster). When will APD act on our complaints? Wait until somebody gets attacked by these pitbulls?
  • 1527 Park St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    There is a total traffic enforcement s***show going on in Alameda today. This is specifically for the east end but I am sure these problems are widespread across every neighborhood in Alameda.

    Consistently there is a load of traffic laws being broken out here on a daily basis. We have a serious problem with speeders, red light and stop sign runners, people who refuse to yield to pedestrians, people who block sidewalks and driveways with their vehicles etc due to APD's total refusal to enforce traffic laws in our neighborhood.

    Today, during my 10 minute walk through this neighborhood on my way to work from my home, I encountered an Audi completely blocking the sidewalk at Broadway and Central. I attempted to report it to APD dispatch but the dispatcher was being rude and difficult so I just hung up.

    Then as I was walking down the street I saw countless vehicles speeding and running stop signs between Broadway and Park at the various intersections down Central.

    Then as I was walking on Park, I was standing on the corner of I believe Santa Clara and Park and my light turned green. I began crossing and as I was crossing, some bicyclist literally came like 2 centimeters from my face as he blew right past me and threw the red light. If I had stepped forward a split second earlier, he would have clipped me, probably knocked me over and possibly broke some of my bones/killed me while I had the right of way to cross the street.

    Then as I was standing at the bus stop I saw the audi I tried to report earlier driving into the gas station, knowing full well that they were not cited at all for blocking the sidewalk earlier due to APD's total refusal to enforce the law in our neighborhood.

    This area is turning into a lawless motorpocalypse of vehicles making up their own rules and doing whatever they want. As I was going to work down Buena Vista I saw a neverending row of cars running stop signs all down Buena Vista all the way to Sherman. It's unbelievable. Not a cop in sight. Blight and crime everywhere.

    Clean up alameda now. Sick and tired of this c.r.@.p

  • Intersection Of Packet Landing Road And Centre Court Alameda, California - Alameda

    Safety issues caused by red zone violations on either side of Centre Court intersection with Packet Landing Road, creating zero visibility when exiting or entering Centre Court. Occurs twice weekdays, at beginning and end of school at nextdoor Earhart Elementary school, with mostly the same few parents using Centre Court red zones as parking spaces for average 20-30 minutes per vehicle.

    I personally stopped by police station to report on 11/8 (incident 1C 117), and newly assigned officer told me it was the first he'd heard of problem (although familiar with similar issues at BayFarm school), and emergency work permitting, that he'd try to come out in a week or 2, to ticket offenders; asking around and asking police, has not happened to date.

    To demonstrate more than single incident of 11/8, I also called in violations to non-emergency police number on 11/14, 11/15, 11/16; police were unable to respond in the average 20-30 minutes vehicles remained in red zone. (I was told because drivers remained in vehicles, police needed to be dispatched, instead of parking enforcement.) I submitted photos of license plates of offenders to Harbor Bay Security, for their tracking & forwarding to police; these were mostly repeat offenders.

    My request is to eliminate the safety issues of zero visibility caused by red zone violations, whether via ticketing offenders, blocking red zone with pylons that seems to be effective down the street in school red zones, or whatever it takes to fix.

  • 1028-1098 Oak St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda

    Dumpsters behind Kobe-Ya Sushi have been causing a really offensive stench to blanket Oak St, westward, for about half the block.

    Today all the lids are open, making it even worse.

    Please encourage them to be good neighbors.

    Thank you.

  • Tynan Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Cars line up and block both driveways in the morning. Despite the Alameda police issueing tickets the cars still block the driveways. Can we get to lines between the driveways that say :" KEEP CLEAR" This way the cars will be less likely to block the driveways.
    Please note there are Preschools on each driveway and it would not be good to have the kids crossing where the cars are driving.
  • 650 Central Alameda, California - Alameda

    Dear City Manager,

    As a senior with both mobility and vision challenges, I am concerned about the increasing number of sidewalk obstructions that you are creating. Limebikes are impeding access in the West End. There are dozens of them scattered everywhere. Today, there were three blocking disabled access near Paganos. When I tried to move them, they said that they were calling the police. Why are you having the police respond? Shouldn't protecting senior and disabled be a priority for the police, not protecting LImeBikes? Also, there are now Package Bots in the West End. There was one today at about 3:45 p.m. at Sixth Street and Central that took up most of the sidewalk. Have you approved robot sidewalk deliveries? The robot was accompanied by a young man, but are you seriously considering allowing robots package delivery vehicles on our sidewalks? It is bad enough having to avoid bicyclists, skateboarders and electric hover type vehicles. While I do not believe that you are deliberately seeking to hurt senior and the disabled, the lack of engagement on your part is having the same effect.

  • 2783–2799 Bette St Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
    Homeless in abandoned coastguard housing trash and shopping carts. Gentlemen is yelling at home owners when walking in neighborhood. Please find appropriate help
  • 1422 3rd St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    We have lived on the corner of Third and Santa Clara since September, 2003. There seems to be a lot of buzz going around about installing stop signs, etc. on our corner. I agree with some of the open discussion, but not all, for various reasons which I will explain below. I think it's time I shared our ideas on what we think needs to happen outside our front door.

    This is a problem that we have been working on for 16 years with the City but the traffic situation is only getting worse. I have personally seen parents/drivers/students/neighbors driving too fast, many disregarding the STOP sign in front of 301 Santa Clara, high school kids walking down the middle of the street (before, during and after school), impatient parents blocking the intersections at Third/Santa Clara as well as Central/Third/Taylor, and speedsters racing up/down Third Street all day/night long, and weekends! I have personally witnessed accidents at both intersections and many near misses. It's annoying, frustrating, and dangerous.

    We asked the City to send out traffic control several years ago to monitor traffic patterns throughout the day to try to fix all the problems mentioned. I think that needs to be done again because we certainly have more traffic in the area these days and we haven't seen much improvement in traffic control and very rare speeding violations being ticketed.

    We asked for a traffic light to be installed at the corner of Central & Third to calm down the speeders that enter Third Street from that direction. That was not an option because of the cost and high number of buses running at the time. Currently, there are only 1-2 buses in the morning and afternoon so in my opinion this option should be revisited.

    A traffic light at Central and Third with clearly marked crosswalks is especially important for pedestrians trying to cross the streets in various directions. It's very dangerous the way it is set up now!

    Suggestions were made about adding a round-about at Central and Third to calm traffic before it spilled onto Third Street, but the buses wouldn't be able to maneuver through. I don't really believe that to be true but I'm not an expert on AC Transit.

    We further suggested speed bumps be installed at various locations (before all intersections) on Third Street from Central to Pacific to slow down speeders, but were advised that Third is a major thoroughfare on the West End for emergency vehicles and speed bumps would keep first responders from getting to/from emergencies in a timely manner, so no speed bumps or additional stop signs. I'm not sure if that is still the case.

    In my opinion, a key factor causing traffic in our area is that there are no clear markings or deterrents on Central to slow drivers down. I have almost been hit twice by cars going at a high rate speed, trying to pass me on the right as I turned right on to Third Street because they didn't see the triangle street marking indicating that it's a wide turn. That street marking is useless and most drivers ignore it anyway. Many drivers enter Third Street from Central at an already high rate of speed and head right up to Pacific with total disregard to speed limits and residential safety. It's a dangerous condition.

    Adding a stop sign at Third and Santa Clara as suggested by other residents will only back up traffic in the mornings and afternoons when kids are dropped off or picked.

    If drivers turn right on to Third from Central at a rate of speed are they really going to be able to stop in time at my corner or will they just blow through the intersection? It would be even worse on nights when there are games, etc., at the high school and on weekends when there are various activities scheduled. Cars can barely get through as it is and it is so congested that my car has been hit twice by parents trying to make U-turns on my corner! So, NO on a stop sign on our corner because that is not going to alleviate the speeding problem. Drivers need to be stopped before they enter Third Street from Central.

    As far as the inconsiderate and poor behavior of the high school students (including garbage thrown on our lawn, graffiti on our fences, vulgar language used, loitering, etc.) I'm not sure what to say. We have been putting up with them for 16 years. Some years are better than others. It all starts with behaviors learned at home and at school. If it is a serious problem for residents I suggest they call the Alameda Police Department or the principal at Encinal HS to file a complaint and/or request police escorts to get them through the neighborhood. That's what we have had to do in the past.

    My suggestions are these:

    1. Ask the City Manager to send out traffic control to conduct a new review of our traffic issues; 2. add a stop sign or traffic light at Central and Third to calm traffic before drivers enter from Central; 3. consider adding a round about at Central and Third as a option to slow down speeders; 4. add a stop sign at Third and Haight which is about halfway between Central and Pacific to slow down speeders; 5. add clear pedestrian markings on every corner on Third between Central and Appezzato Way; and, 6. clearly mark BIKE LANES on Third from Central to Appezzato Way. Use neon lines to indicate lanes not just the bike logos which are impossible to see at night. Take a look at the City of Copenhagen and their use of bike lanes to protect bikers, pedestrians, and auto traffic. If they can manage an entire City of bikers and pedestrians and keep them safe, we should be able to come up with a solution for 4 blocks on the West End.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to working with the City of Alameda and our neighbors to come up with a viable solution to all of our concerns.

  • 1000 Atlantic Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    I reported this issue on this website before, but since Seeclickfix has broken their website and made searching for issues impossible now as of yesterday and replaced the "issues" list with a broken google map that only loads like 5 issues before choking and failing, with absolutely no search function whatsoever, im reporting it again

    boom cars - aka vehicles with loud subwoofer systems - continue plaguing our peaceful island community and disturbing the peace in open violation of numerous county ordinances and state laws. APD is continuing to refuse to enforce these laws and let these lawbreakers abuse our community. please stop being corrupt and worthless and start citing the boom cars. thanks. counted like 50 of them coming down atlantic today.

  • 1523 Clement Ave Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
  • 1523 Clement Ave Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
    The Del Monte building is additional property owned by Tim Lewis that continues to deteriorate with graffiti, cut fences, broken windows, homeless encampments, overgrown weeds, illegal parking, etc. When will the owner be held accountable for allowing his property to become a blight to the community?