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Watching issues created after: 2016-05-26

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  • Constitution Way Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
    open electrical box under the underpass
  • 1734–1766 Ferry Pt Alameda CA 94501, United States - Alameda
    Destroying brand new property
  • 1416 Oak St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    graffiti on parking structure wall so.213
  • Armitage St & Pattiani Way Alameda, CA, 94502, USA - Alameda
    Electric box has sunken below sidewalk grade causing trip hazard. Barrier built around box blocking sidewalk. Barrier has been in place for at least a year. Permanent repairs needed
  • 2695 5th St Alameda CA 94501, United States - Alameda
    Bus stop shelter cleaning Remove trash, stains and graffiti ..
  • Sidewalks Archived
    1344 Park St Alameda CA 94501, United States - Alameda
    Power washing needed around the bench ... filth surrounded
  • Doolittle Drive Alameda, California - Alameda
    Graffiti on electrical utility box. The box is located near the entrance to the Bill Osborne Model Airplane Field.
  • Mosley Ave & Ralph Appezzato Memorial Pkwy Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    The street light pole on 3rd has white graffitti. The vandalization is about 10 feet high on the pole.
  • Island Dr Alameda CA 94502, United States - Alameda
    Whenever someone reports a dead animal, the case is usually left open and an update is never posted. There are so many open dead animal cases. The dead animal also stays in the street until the police eventually drive by and picks it up a few weeks later.
  • 300 Maitland Drive Alameda, California - Alameda
    Almost got hit by car that was driving 80 mph on Maitland Drive. Why are there so many open issues on Maitland Drive? I haven't seen Alan of Public Works or anything being done. Why is that? I have been complaining about this street for 8 yrs now. We need SPEED LUMPS like on Bayview and alao more police patrol. I have included photos from the last last accident last month where one guy plowed into 3 cars.
  • 1025 Morton St Alameda CA 94501, United States - Alameda
    The "crown M" tag and a "jaro" tag have been here for months after removal once or twice last year
  • 94501 Alameda, CA, USA - Alameda
    Multiple graffiti markings in this area. It’s a shame that such a beautiful spot has been defaced by vandals. Is there no place safe from these people?