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  • 2523 Blanding Ave Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
    333 Lancaster St. Oakland, on estuary side of building, there are 6 areas of graffiti on the WES building that are not only ugly, but offensive! The picture shows one that is sort of mild! The paint needed to cover is Behr Premium slate gray #6695.
  • Marina Village Pkwy:Mariner Sq Loop Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    After a few week break, the same individual has returned to occupy the same bus shelter.
  • 2315 Central Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    When are the police going to do something about the vandalism and theft at the parking garage. My city vehicle has be vandalized 8 times now. I used to file police reports but nothing is ever done so i stopped wasting my time. City employees vehicles have also been hit. Last night, last weekend and two weekends ago. I go up there every afternoon at about 3:30 to drop off me city vehicle. There is always at lease a dozen high school kids up there. My co-workers personal car was severely damaged two weeks ago. Another co-worker had his mirror stolen of his city vehicle last night. Most of the fire extinguishers are missing the all of the exit signs are broken.
  • 1523 Clement Ave Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
  • 1001 Paru Street Alameda, CA - Alameda
    Franklin Park - Spray Paint "T-Mark" all over park. On garbage cans, park bench, buildings, ground. Police report #16-4753
  • Marina Village Pkwy:Mariner Square Dr (North Jctn) Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
  • 871 Marina Village Pkwy Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    I reported this issue many times before but since the worthless city government continues ignoring it and doing nothing about while SCF continue to progressively destroy this website with their unwanted and awful changes, I am having to re-submit this issue once again.

    Every single day multiple entitled jerks who think they're above the law park in the red zone at this location. They will break every traffic law you've ever heard of. They'll run the stop sign leading into the parking lot endangering pedestrians, they'll park in the red zone and block traffic as well as emergency vehicles (it is a fire lane), cut pedestrians off while they're trying to cross the street.

    This time I caught some black dude parking what looks like either a freshly purchased or stolen Volkskwagen. The vehicle had no front plates and only temporary plates in the back. He parked in this red zone for about half an hour while he sat inside the burrito shop ordering food. All this while there was a parking space literally 5 feet away from his vehicle that he could have parked in.

    This self-entitled, rude and dangerous behavior is fueled by our corrupt city government and our worthless police department who have for the past several years now consistently refused to do their jobs and enforce the law, leading to a massive spike in crime all across the island as criminals grow ever more brazen and ever more bold in the face of growing lack of enforcement from APD/the city government.

    The lack of law enforcement in Alameda is rapidly transforming this once peaceful and serene suburban community into a second Oakland.

  • Constitution Way Alameda, California - Alameda
    It looks like there could be a new homeless encampment under the overpass at Constitution and Marina Village. Please investigate. This is really starting to become a quality of life issue that I moved to Alameda to avoid. If we don't do anything this will be viewed as acceptable and more blight will be introduced to the community. I hope that's not what Alameda is striving for.
  • Park St. Alameda, California - Alameda
    The non-smoking signs on Park St. are ignored. On numerous occasions while walking down Park St., I get stuck behind someone smoking. The signs are so high it took me a year of being in the city before I even noticed them. Peet's coffee shop has no smoking signs by their tables but Starbucks doesn't? It would be nice to see Alameda Police walking up and down Park St. especially on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • 1445 Webster Street Alameda, California - Alameda
    On the benches next to Taqueria Calafia on Webster Street are a group of homeless men/women who loiter there on a daily basis for hours at a time, usually in the afternoon. They drag their carts, smoke their cigarettes ( smoking ordinance?) take over that area. Often this area smells of alcohol. My children walk by this area daily. Other people's children walk by this area. Requesting increased daily police patrols on Webster. This happens daily. My last post was closed and archived. This is an ongoing problem. I am requesting ongoing monitoring of the area. Please do not close this thread.
  • 1500 Webster Alameda, California - Alameda
    The problem of graffiti vandalism along Webster Street and the lack of timely cleanup is worsening the problem.
  • Tynan Ave Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Cars line up and block both driveways in the morning. Despite the Alameda police issueing tickets the cars still block the driveways. Can we get to lines between the driveways that say :" KEEP CLEAR" This way the cars will be less likely to block the driveways.
    Please note there are Preschools on each driveway and it would not be good to have the kids crossing where the cars are driving.